Best 10 Cheapest Snell Helmet 2022-23

All that glitters is not gold and the same applies to motorcycle helmets as well. Don’t know how many expensive and attractive helmets are there in the market! But, are they all competent to protect your head promtly? Of course not. However, we can look at SNELL helmets as more trustworthy than DOT helmets. They are rigorously tested for quality and protection features. That is why they are costly too. But, no worries. Soon, you will decide one cheapest snell helmet.

As a matter of fact, there are not many cheap snell rated helmets out there in the market. Very few, but yes, they are there. They have their own specialities. It is us who will choose the best ones among those. We have already selected some cheapest snell approved helmets. The cost of some of them is very less and some can be a little more than them. With said that, we will have to make some things clear before we go ahead.

Extremely Cheapest Snell Helmet

Zox primo c track best cheap snell helmet

Stunning Cheapest Snell Helmet

HJC Helmet i10 Strix cheapest snell helmet

The Best Budget Snell Helmet

Scorpion R420 Motorcycle Helmet

What is a Snell helmet? Does Snell Foundation make any cheapest snell helmet?

A SNELL helmet is a helmet that is tested, evaluated and certified by the Snell Memorial Foundation. The experts of the foundation test a helmet for its capacity to protect the wearer from head injuries like concussions, skull fractures, or brain injuries. The Snell Foundation was founded in 1957 to honor and remember Dr. William M. Snell, who was killed in an auto accident while on his way to work on October 3rd, 1956.

The foundation does not manufacture the helmets of its own. It merely tests and certifies the helmets on the basis of its own safety standards called as Snell Standards. These Snell standards are divided into main four types- a) Snell Stadards for Auto/Moto, b) Snell Stadards for Bicycling c) Snell Stadards for Equestrian d) Snell Stadards for Snowsport. These types are again divided into subtypes according to vehicles, use and versions.

Here, we will see only the affordableSnell motorcycle helmets. They are certified with latest Snell standard M2020 or M2015 for motorcycle which falls under Snell Stadards for Auto/Moto.

So, let’s go for the cheapest snell helmet.

Top 10 Cheapest Snell Helmet – An Ultimate Collection

In case, you are in hurry then you can check any cheapest snell helmet from the following table.

Image Product Snell Standard   Price
Zox primo c track best cheap snell helmet Zox Primo C Track  Snell M2015 Check Price
LS2 Solid Unisex OHM Cheapest snell certified helmet LS2 Solid Unisex OHM  Snell M2015 Check Price
ScorpionEXO EXO R710 helmet ScorpionEXO EXO-R710  Snell M2015 Check Price
Fly Racing Revolt RS Codex cheap snell rated helmets Fly Racing Revolt RS Codex  Snell Check Price
LS2 Street Fighter motorcycle helmet LS2 Street Fighter  Snell 2020R Check Price
HJC Helmet i10 Strix cheapest snell helmet HJC Helmet i10 Strix  Snell M2015 Check Price
Bell SRT ‎Assassin Street motorcycle helmet Bell SRT ‎Assassin Street Motorcycle Helmet   Snell M2015 Check Price
MARS Genuine Carbon Fiber cheapest snell helmet MARS Genuine Carbon Fiber  Snell M2015 Check Price
Bell Star Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet snell approved Bell Star Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet   Snell M2015 Check Price
Scorpion R420 Motorcycle Helmet Scorpion R420 Motorcycle Helmet    Snell M2015 Check Price

1. Zox Primo C Track – The cheapest snell helmet

Surprising Price & Quality

cheapest snell rated helmet Zox primo c track


  • Outer shell made of high quality Polycarbonate
  • Inner material includes best EPS
  • Comfortable cheek padding
  • Anti-scratch, anti-fog face shield
  • Removable and washable inner liner
  • Maximum and controlable ventilation
  • Snell M2015 and DOT FMVSS 218 safety standards


  • Fastening buckle with gloves is quite effortful
  • A bit heavier than other snell helmets

Zox is a brand that produces high quality motorcycle helmets and make them available to riders in affordable prices. Zox Primo C Track is one of them. If you are looking for the cheapest snell helmet, it is the best option for you, provided you have a small size head.

This helmet features a polycarbonate shell and EPS liner for superior protection. You can understand how the quality is as it is certified with Snell safety standards M2015. It is the cheapest snell motorcycle helmet with unbeatable price.

Inspite of low price, it is loaded with quality features. The interior of the helmet that includes head liner and cheek pads are made with high grade materials only to provide you best comfort. You can remove the inner liner for cleaning purpose.

It has anti-scratch and wide visor that give a clear road view without any distortion. With front operational vents and rear passive vents, it provides an ample amount of fresh inside the helmet. So, why not try this affordable snell helmet that gives all this without emptying the pockets!

It has DOT approval too.

2. LS2 Solid Unisex OHM

Youthful Cheapest Snell Helmet

cheap snell rated helmets LS2 Solid Unisex OHM


  • Outer shell made of Advanced Polymer Alloy
  • Interior material contains EPS
  • Face visor is anti-scratch and anti-fog
  • Superb Ventilation
  • Soft cheek pads with emergency release system
  • Removable peak visor for regular motorcycle look
  • Snell M2015 and DOT aprroved


  • Size difficulty if choose without measuremet
  • We noticed noise at high speed

Here is the second cheapest snell rated helmet for you. LS2 OHM not only provides you full protection to your head but gives great relief to your pocket also. The helmet is all rounder in a true sense. It performs excellent in any type of two wheelers whether it be sport motorcycles, street motorcycles or ATVs.

The Advanced polymer Alloy shell gives the strength to helmet while the inner special EPS material absorbs the impacts made by external blows. All together, they provide maximum protection to your head. The helmet has a unique feature that even most of the costly helmets fails to offer i.e. emergency release cheek pads. The face shield is scratch resistant, anti-fog and is easy to operate.

The ventilation of the helmet is undoubtedly classic. The lower chin vent port and front upper vents offer a good air flow inside the helmet while the rear vents exit the unhealthy humid air. This good air circulation keeps the rider cool and has a relief in hot weather.

3. ScorpionEXO EXO-R710 – one cheapest snell approved helmet

An appealing Snell Helmet

cheapest snell helmet ScorpionEXO EXO R710


  • Outer shell constructed with fiberglass and Aramid fibers
  • Robust look that stands out on road
  • Multi layer EPS protection
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV rays resistant visor
  • Speaker pockets for communication system
  • New technology ventilation
  • Snell 2015 and DOT approval


  • May feel noisy if not regulate the front vents in strong wind
  • Scope of improvement in backside design

ScorpionExo EXO R710 helmet is not only the cheapest snell helmet as of its kind but also the brand claims it’s the best fiberglass helmet. The safety and protection features it offers within the affordable price range is praiseworthy.

ScorpionEXO EXO-R710 uses fiberglass in its shell construction, what they call it as TriMatrix shell. Fiberglass is considered as one of the most protective material and shell made out of it excels in impact protection. In addition to this, dual density EPS liner works to make the helmet excellent in head protection too. The interior of the helmet is so comfortable that you will hardly get tired. Also, it is a lightweight helmet.

The shield of this helmet is scratch resistant and anti-fog. It is removable without need of any special tool. If we talk about ventilation, it offers four vent points on front side and four on the rear side. Front vents are equipped with buttons so that you can have ventilation as per your requirement.

The helmet has speaker pockets so that it is super easy to enjoy music or conversation while riding motorcycle. It gives double D-ring closure for the perfect retention of the helmet on head. Most importantly the helmet is Snell approved and has Snell standard M2015 certificate. It is also DOT aprroved and meets FMVSS 218 standards.

4. Fly Racing Revolt RS Codex

Decorative & Affordable Snell Helmet

Fly Racing Revolt RS Codex best snell rated helmets


  • Outer shell constructed with ABS shell
  • Inner material includes dual density EPS liner
  • Comfortable interior with removable inner liner
  • Equipped with hydrophilic liner and quick dry cheek pads
  • Ventilation system with lot of vents
  • Optically correct face shield with trusted shield lock
  • Comes with removable chin curtain.
  • Approved by Snell and DOT


  • Excessive ventilation for some

Fly Racing Revolt RS Codex motorcycle helmet is a good choice when you want to enjoy your sport motorcycle with safety and comfort. You will get this high-quality helmet without spending too much money. Yes, you heard it perfectly. It is one of the cheapest snell approved helmets.

The shell is designed with quality polycarbonate which is known for lightweight and strength. It has EPS liner that absorbs impacts more efficiently. The interior is designed as very relaxing and comfortable. Thus it is a full pack of safety and comfort. The helmet comes with removable and washable inner liner so, no worries about cleanliness.

It has all that the dot snell motorcycle helmets meant to have. It offers four adjustable intake vents, four passive intake vents and six on rear side. That means, there is no chance to complaint about ventilation. It also offers anti-fog, anti-scratch visor, chin curtain, hydrophilic liner for drying the sweat quickly and much more.

The helmet has DOT approval and meets FMVSS 218 Standard. And of course, it is the best cheap snell helmet, so Snell approved too.

5. LS2 Street Fighter : Best Dot Snell Helmet

Great for Price

LS2 Street Fighter budget snell helmets


  • Advanced APA shell construction
  • Comfortable interior
  • Multi densed EPS liner for extra protection from impact
  • Lightweight helmet
  • UV resistant scratch free face shield
  • EPS channeled dynamic ventilation
  • Double D-ring closure
  • Snell M2020 R as well as DOT approval


  • One position shield opening
  • Use of screws while replacing the shield

The LS2 Street Fighter helmet is a wonderful best budget snell helmet for the motorcyclists who want to save money. This motorcycle helmet has all those features that needed to keep you safe and provide comfort. It is just another version of LS2 Solid Unisex OHM if you observe it closely.

The outer shell of the helmet is made of a lightweight and strong Advanced Polymer Alloy. This material provides excellent protection. That makes it absolutetly suitable for the riders who love to drive on sporty roads as well as on the crowdy streets. The inner material is an expanded polystyrene (EPS), with multi-density that adds an extra layer of protection. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps your head dry inside the helmet.

The LS2 Street Fighter helmet offers a dynamic ventilation system that channels air into the EPS channeled venting system. It also features face shield which is scratch free and UV resistant. It has Snell 2020R as well as DOT approval. In this way, it becomes a top-quality cheapest snell helmet that delivers all safety features as it promises.

6. HJC Helmet i10 Strix : A lovely HJC Snell Helmet

Cheapest Snell Helmet for High Quality

snell motorcycle helmets HJC Helmet i10 Strix


  • Advanced Polycarbonate Outer shell
  • Designed with CAD technology
  • Lightweight and durable helmet
  • Moisture-wicking liner with soft cheek padding
  • Improved ventilation
  • Replaceable face shield with easy installation system
  • Bluetooth ready setup (will have to buy BT seperately)
  • Snell M2015 and DOT approval


  • Much better if got speaker space cover when Com not in use
  • Slightly heavier

The HJC i10 Strix motorcycle helmet is a quality helmet that delivers what you spend for. We included it in cheapest snell certified helmet because of its affordable price. Inspite of being one of the budget snell helmets it offers almost all protection and comfort features that a costly helmet use to give.

HJC i10 Strix is constructed with Advanced Polycarbonate Compact Shell and designed with CAD technology. It indicates that it is not only tough, lightweight and durable but also have a great fitment. Its aerodynamic design reduces the drag at high speed. The interior of this HJC snell helmet is made of standard material stuff. Also, it uses moisture-wicking fabric to keep your skin free from sweat and any allergy. The liner and cheek pads are removable and washable to keep it always clean.

The face shield is removable and replaceable. And that also quickly and without any tool. It is an anti-fog and anti scratch face shield that protects the eyes from UV rays. The ventilation is very simple and yet very effective. With the help of front adjustable vents and backside venting, you have cool airflow inside the helmet. The speciality of this helmet is that, it is ready with Bluetooth setup.

The helmet has DOT as well as Snell approval. You can also try HJC i10 Robust Motorcycle Helmet.

7. Bell SRT ‎Assassin Street Motorcycle Helmet

Premium Quality at Low Cost

Bell SRT ‎Assassin Street best snell helmets


  • Made of Fiberglass composite shell
  • A lightweight helmet
  • Removable and washable Interior
  • Speaker pockets ready setup
  • Has eyeglass compatibility
  • Panovision clear face shield
  • Visor removal and installation simplicity
  • Superior ventilation
  • Snell M2015 and DOT certified


  • Incorrect head measurement can result in size problem

We all know, Bell is one of the best motorcycle helmet brands in the world. Their helmets are famous for quality and strength. The Bell SRT Assassin Street Helmet is one of them. But, it has something different that makes it unique from others. That is, it features among the best cheap snell rated helmets.

This particular Bell SRT helmet is designed for the maximum performance and style. That comprehend its safety, design and versatility. With fiberglass shell, it ensures that it has less weight and maximum strength. At the same time, its interior too provides best safety and comfort. It also includes speaker pockets, ready for mounting speakers to enjoy music or conversation with your mates.

The helmet offers Panovision face shield for clear and enhanced vision. They have made the shield removal and the installation very easy. It features the adjustable vent system that allows you to controll its airflow by turning the venting tabs on and off given on the front side.

As stated above, the helmet is Snell approved and perhaps the cheapest snell helmet with such quality and price range. It is also DOT certified and meets FMVSS 218 safety standards.

8. MARS Genuine Carbon Fiber

Cheapest Carbon Snell Helmet

affordable snell helmet MARS Genuine Carbon Fiber


  • Outer shell built with Carbon Fiber
  • Aerodynamic design
  • A lightweight motorcycle helmet
  • Comfortable interior with removable and washable liner
  • Many vent points for maximum ventilation
  • Sturdy anti-scratch face shield
  • Snell M2015 and DOT safety certification


  • We noticed wind noise at very high speed

MARS Genuine Carbon Fiber motorcycle helmet can be the perfect choice for you, if you are having a large head. As we told you earlier, we will suggest only cheapest snell helmets and to keep these words we found this helmet. So yes, this is the best budget snell helmet with many specialities.

The outer shell of this amazing helmet is built with carbon fiber. This material gives the helmet extra stregth and also the ability to fight against impacts posed at the time of an accident. It also makes this helmet very lightweight and durable. If you see, this helmet weighs only 3.3 pounds.

This aerodynamic helmet is thickly cushioned to provide you maximum comfort whether you travel for a short or a long distance. The interior fiber is sweat absorbing so no worries about being wet with sweat. The inner liner and cheek pads are removable and washable. With sturdy visor, it also offers a lot of vent points for controlled and channeled ventilation.

The helmet is Snell M2015 certified, actually it falls in best snell rated helmets. It is DOT approved too.

9. Bell Star Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet

Cheapest Snell Helmet with Modern Design

Bell Star Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet


  • Outer shell made with Tri-Matrix composite shell (carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid)
  • Use of X-Static material to prevent bacteria and odor
  • Thickly padded interior to maximize comfort
  • Magnetic button cheek pads for easy removal
  • Glasses compatible
  • Panovision and wide face shield
  • Superior ventilation
  • Snell standard M2015 and DOT


  • Only one position visor opening
  • Chance of improvement for Com setup

Bell Star Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet is a high-quality and best budget snell helmet available to the riders in a low price. The performance while riding and the durability are the key features this helmet is known for. This helmet is a manifestation of modern technology in the field of motorcycle helmets.

The outermost shell of the helmet is created with Tri-Matrix composite shell. It is made by mixing aramid, carbon fiber and fiberglass for maximum protection and to make the helmet extra lightweight. The interior of this helmet is outlined to provide maximum comfort as well as safety. It has antimicrobial fabrics which helps to keep the head free from any skin infection. The magnetic cheek pads are given to make the helmet handy for cleaning regularly.

A good work has been done in the ventilation of the helmet. There are adequate vents on front side as well as on the backside of the helmet. The front vents can be opened or closed according to the convenience without taking off the gloves. The visor is of good quality and is anti-scratch.

It has DOT approval and meets FMVSS 218 standard. Importantly, it is also Snell approved and has Snell Standard M2015.

10. Scorpion R420 Motorcycle Helmet

Aerodynamic Cheap Snell Helmet

dot snell motorcycle helmets Scorpion R420 Motorcycle Helmet


  • Advanced Polycarbonate shell
  • Comfortable interior material
  • Quality face shield with peripheral vision
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch Shield
  • Aero tuned ventilation with noise reduction
  • Standard chin strap with double D-ring
  • Snell M2015 and DOT safety standards


  • Fitment issue if order without proper head measurement
  • Unnecessary long extension design

Scorpion R420 helmet is designed keeping in mind the modern trend of motorcycle helmet and the norms of Snell safety standards. The helmet is designed using best quality materials. At the same time the brand tried its best to keep the price as less as possible.

Its advanced polycarbonate shell is robust and lightweight. It not only protects head against heavy impact but also it does not exert any extra load on the head. The aerodynamic design of the helmet reduces the drag in high speed to maintain the stability. The interior contains high quality head liner and soft cheek pads that provide superior comfort. A wide and anti-fog face shield keeps riders safe from dust, insects and fog, all while offering excellent visibility.

The ventilation system is simple and straightforward. It has big vent ports on chin part and the top while a long exit vent on the rear side. This effective and aero tuned ventilation maintains a constant air flow of fresh air inside the helmet. A good work has been done on reducing wind noise too.

The Scorpion R420 is Snell certified. If you notice the quality and price, it becomes cheapest snell helmet in such types of quality range helmets. It is also approved by DOT.

Buying Guide for Cheapest Snell Helmet

Many people, including us, believe that a Snell certified helmet is the best way to protect head because it is authentically tested for safety. It offers more protection than any other kind of helmets. But is that all? Are all the snell helmets made equally or have the same quality? All helmets can not be suitable for all. Therefore, you should consider the following factors while choosing the cheapest snell helmet.

Motorcycle Helmet Type

While choosing a helmet for you, one thing that you should check is its type. Here, type means the purpose for which the helmet is made. Some helmets are made for street riding, some helmets are made for sport riding for example supermoto helmets. All they are called as motorcycle helmets. So, before getting cheapest Snell helmet you should check the type of motorcycle helmet.

Helmet size

Helmet size makes a big difference. It is not that you saw any helmet began to order. It is ok if you are buying from the market, I mean offline. However, if you are going to order online then, make sure that you see the size chart provided by the brand. Though, all brands size charts have similarities for sizes. There are little bit differences too. Therefore, make sure that you take measurement of head circumference just above eyebrows and match it with the brand chart.

Weight of helmet

If you are planning to buy a snell helmet for regular use or for a long time usage, make sure that it is lightweight. When the helmet is heavy, at starting you may not feel its weight. However, after some distance you start feeling its weight. This give rises to neck pain and shoulder pain. Therefore, to avoid such trouble, make sure that it is lightweight. It applies to all, even when it is the cheapest snell helmet.


Ventilation is an important aspect of best snell helmets, as important as design and material. Good ventilated helmets will rarely make you feel fatigue. If there is proper ventilation, it will help you feel cool and refreshed throughout the journey. It also helps to dry out sweat and minimises the chance of skin disease. So, if you have decided to buy the cheapest snell certified helmet, check that it well ventilated.

Balance in Price and Quality

Price is one of the most important and deciding factor when you go for buying a Snell motorcycle helmet. In balancing price and quality we mean, one should get what he or she pays for. Sometimes one gets maximum best features in even cheap snell rated helmets and sometimes, they are not present in costly helmets too. Our aim should be to find such budget snell helmets that offer maximum safety and comfort features.

QnAs related Cheapest Snell Helmet

How to know the cheap snell helmet is really SNELL certified?

This is quite easy to know if the helmet is snell certified or not, let it be an affordable snell helmet or costly one. If the helmet is snell rated, then it is mentioned on the backside of the helmet. Even this can be deceptive, therefore, you must check it on Snell Foundation official website. The list of snell certified helmets is given there.

Is snell better than DOT?

In my opinion, yes, it is. The reason behind this is that Snell helmets are extensively checked for the impact resistance, material quality, chin bar quality, outer and inner shell and face shield penestration and all. It is not that DOT helmets are bad. DOT has its own criteria to check the helmet, but yes it is better to have Snell helmets.

What is mean by Snell M2015 and M2020?

M2015 and M2020 are safety standards set by Snell Memorial Foundation for motorcycle helmets. Here, M is for motorcycle and the figures are the years when the snell safety standards are revised.

Is it possible to have cheapest price and quality in snell helmets at the same time?

Yes, it possible. To get such helmets you will have to search a lot. They are not in a large qauntity. So it is not so simple to find them. We have already suggested some of the best cheap snell helmets.


A well featured motorcycle helmet is a very necessary gear for any motorcyclist. It is because your head protection is more important than anything else. Therefore, you should select a right helmet for you. Snell helmets are better for protection. There are many snell motorcycle helmets but cheap snell helmets are very few and cheapest snell helmet is a dream. But, we have got the solution. If your budget is low and still want a quality snell helmet, no need to worry for that!

We have collected such cheap snell motorcycle helmets for you and after reading this post you will be able to select the cheapest snell helmet!

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