Latest 10 Best Inexpensive Motorcycle Helmet (2023)

The selection motorcycle helmet should never be at the cost of your safety. However, you will be glad to know that there are some inexpensive helmets that are as safe as expensive helmet. The main aim of wearing helmet is protection of your head. That is why every rider, common man or a professional rider want best features and safety standards in his or her helmet. The second thing he wants is an affordable price. In short, what you need is the best inexpensive motorcycle helmet with the protection and quality standards. Right!

Then, if you are looking for a motorcycle helmet like this then it is the right place for you. Why? Because the market is full of cheap helmets and finding an affordable motorcycle helmet with quality is a hard task. Only few inexpensive motorcycle helmets have protection quality like costly helmets.

But don’t worry, we are the ones who will do this task for you. We have chosen some best helmets that meets every parameters. Mainly, DOT, Snell, ECE safety standards, very affordable and rating between 4 to 5. They are also equally full of features and comfort that one finds only in expensive helmets.

Best inexpensive motorcycle helmet with Quality Features (2023)

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor

ILM dual visor helmet

This is one of the best inexpensive motorcycle helmet in the market. You will be surprised if you see all high quality features and the material that you find only in expensive helmets.

■ It has high resistance ABS shell. It makes it more sustainable, flexible and protective. High quality polyester made chin strap is easy to adjust. With quick release pull function of the clasp you can quickly remove the helmet from your head.

■ This is a modular helmet and you can remove its both visors very easily according to your convenience. You can flip up the inner visor without opening outer visor.

■ Both, the outer clear visor and inner smoky visor are anti-scratch and anti-fog. This feature makes this helmet stand out among inexpensive helmets.

■ The vision range of the helmet is comfortably wide so that can see the every side of the road with an ease.

■ Sleek aerodynamic design of the helmet makes it wind resistant powerfully.

■ The helmet is provided with good air ventilation. The air vents are on chin guard, helmet top, backside and on the forehead which can be shut down or opened as per your requirement and weather condition.

■ This helmet not only gives the modern look but also the comfort you expect after wearing it. This best inexpensive motorcycle helmet is presently available in 11 colors.

■ Lightweight and soft cheek pads give a sense of ease and relaxation for a long drive. You easily remove and wash.

■ This best inexpensive motorcycle helmet is equipped with FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards.

■ It is provided with led lights which you can operate according to your speed and convenience.

  • Affordable price with high quality features.
  • FMVSS-218 DOT safety standards.
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch visors.
  • Adjustable air ventilation.
  • Sleek aerodynamic design for wind resistance.
  • LED lights.
  • Overloaded features for some
  • Little bit air sound

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf

ilm full face helmet 313

It is another popular and affordable helmet from IML. It has almost the same features that we have seen in the previous product. What makes it distinct is its design suitable for all seasons. Specifically, in winter this helmet can be your first choice.

■ This helmet comes with winter neck scarf which you can remove and attach as per your

requirement. It surely protects your body from cold wind and dust too.

■ By removing winter neck scarf you can use it all over the year.

■ It has lightweight ABS shell to make it durable, flexible and making it protective.

■ This affordable helmet has two visors. First one is outer clear visor and another is smoked. To this addition, as mentioned before one neck scarf for winter use is included.

■ The visors are scratch resistant and of course they are fog resistant.

■ A good ventilation system is given in this helmet. It has front, top and back vents.

■ The streamline design of the helmet is amazing. With streamlined aerodynamic design it reduces the noise of wind.

■ Like the previous ILM helmet, this helmet is also DOT safety standards approved and exceeds FMVSS-218.

■ The most amazing thing in this budget is that it is lightweight. It weighs just 2.98 pounds.

■ The helmet liner are removable and washable.

  • Suitable for all seasons, specifically for winter.
  • Lightweight helmet.
  • Streamlined aerodynamic design to minimize wind noise.
  • FMVSS-218 DOT safety standards.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog visors.
  • Good air ventilation system.
  • Cheap price.
  • Changing visor is tricky

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face helmet

Speaking truly, what we made consider to put this helmet in best budget motorcycle helmet is its glossy UV protective finish, ventilation system and thermoplastic alloy shell. It is a perfect choice for day-today-riders or even professionals without a heavy load on pocket.

■ As, it is DOT approved, it has maximum safety standards which are a must while driving a motorcycle.

■ This best budget helmet is made of aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell and multi-density EPS materials. It means full protection of your head from the impact while driving.

■ Talking about ventilation system, this helmet has six vent openings. These openings allow your helmet to keep your head properly ventilated. Two top and two front vent switches are adjustable.

■ As, it has glossy Ultra Violet protective finish, its color will remain intact for a long period of time. The glossy finish of helmet creates extra fascinating effect.

■ The advanced modular and dual visor design give you full freedom to wear this helmet in day time and at night. The smoked visors are designed to protect your eyes from blinding traffic lights and harsh sun rays. The outer visor will protect you from outer cold or heat as well as from the dust.

  • Affordable plus high quality features.
  • DOT certified.
  • Liner and Pads can be removed and washed.
  • Proper ventilation.
  • 17 colors choice.
  • Few reports of noise.

Bell Qualifier Full Face

bell qualifier street helmet

The brand name itself tells everything if it offers you the best inexpensive motorcycle helmet. Since 1954 the company is serving the customers at its best. In Bell Qualifier you will get almost all high quality features in an affordable price.

At once it comes onto your head, you will come to know why we call it the best inexpensive motorcycle helmet. The top quality material and the comfort it provides to the riders are without any parallel. Apart from the magnificient look it gives you an unbreakable protection.

■ The foremost thing one wants from helmet is safety. This helmet is made of polycarbonate ABS stuff which means strong protection and durability.

■ If extend the previous point, it is DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 standards. In another words, there is best protection of head under this helmet.

■ Bell Qualifier comes only with clear shield. Generally pictures of it are shown with optional tinted shield which you have to order separately.

■ The visor is NutraFog II UV-protected which is best for your eyes and face. This visor/ shield is a quite easy to open and fix again or if you want to replace. There is no need of extra tool.

■ The helmet is equipped with velocity flow ventilation system. The vents are at front, top and back side of the helmet. You can adjust the ventilation through front and top ventilation slides.

■ It has padded wind collar which reduces wind and road noise with great result.

■ Integrated speaker pockets are given just behind the liner. So to enjoy music or a little talk on mobile phone while driving if your state law permits such practice.

  • Famous and trustable brand.
  • DOT FMVSS 218 standards.
  • Removable and washable inner liner.
  • Good ventilation system.
  • Anti-fog visor.
  • Available in 18 colors.
  • Comes only with a clear visor.

Daytona Half Skull Cap Motorcycle Helmet

Daytona Half Skull Cap

This helmet is great for cruisers, adventure tours, street bike. Also good for chopper, moped or scooter.

Some people may hate big helmet and always want more airflow, then this inexpensive motorcycle helmet is best for them.

■ Safety always comes first. This helmet meets DOT and exceeds FMVSS 218 standards.

■ Its outer shell is made up of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. This strong material gives more durability, lightweight and comfort. Inner part is made of expanded polystyrene for shock absorption and comfort to your head.

■ It is provided with moisture-wicking liner to keep your head cool and comfortable while driving motorcycle.

■ There isn’t any pressure on your ears because of its better buckling system and adjustable straps.

■ This helmet comes with almost all head sizes to serve safety for all kinds of men and women.

■ It has Y-strap lock retention system. So you can quickly remove the helmet in emergency. Sliding adjuster are given for perfect and secure fit.

This is the best inexpensive motorcycle helmet and also looks no mushroom head helmet.

  • Meets and exceeds DOT, FMVSS 218 standards.
  • More airflow.
  • Perfect and secure fitting.
  • Available for all head sizes.
  • Better buckling system.
  • Some people may not interested in half skull.

TRIANGLE Full Face Motorcycle Helmet “Graffiti Cross”

triangle graffiti cross helmet

Gone are the days when only expensive helmets used to have all the funs. If we talk on a serious note this helmet is loved almost by everyone who purchased it. It is one of the best cheap motorcycle helmet with best qualities.

■ It is made of advanced ABS shell. Its high pressure thermoplastic technology makes it highly durable and protective.

■ This helmet is approved by DOT. So you can securely purchase for the protection of your head.

■ The helmet comes with clear and dark visor. The quality of both visors is very good. You have to remove the clear visor to get the dark visor fixed but it is quite easy.

■ Ventilation system is given at chin side, on top and at back side. You can adjust the vents by closing and opening according to the weather condition.

■ The interior liners are removable and washable. The good quality EPS foams absorb well the impact.


      AHR Run-M Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

      AHR Full Face Flip up Modular helmet

      This modular helmet fit for everyone who wants to buy an all features helmet at a cheap price. It is suitable for street bike, scooter, adventure and snowmobile.

      ■ Comparatively this helmet has thicker inner liners to give more comfort to your chicks and head.

      The thick and densed EPS liners also help to absorb vibration and impact.

      ■ Like the above shown helmets AHR Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet meets and exceeds DOT safety standards. This is the thing you must have to ensure your protection.

      ■ This helmet is designed in such a way that you don’t need to take off the helmet in case you wish to eat something at roadside hotel. Just flip off the buckle and you are done.

      ■ The outer and inner visors are built-in. The material used in the outer visor is tough and with high elastic properties for great impact resistance. The vision range is wide. The inner dark visor is always your protector from harsh sun rays.

      ■ The is specially constructed in streamlined aerodynamic design to minimize wind noise. So, it easily resist the airflow while driving.

      ■ This helmet is equipped with nice ventilation to help you keep you away from sweating and tiredness.

      • Built-in dual visors.
      • DOT approval for safety
      • Removable, washable and replaceable liners.
      • Streamlined Aerodynamic Design
      • Some visor problems reported.

      YEMA YM-925 Casco Moto Modular Motorcycle Helmet

      yema ym 925 casco moto modular helmet

      Yema Ym-925 is another best inexpensive motorcycle helmet that will give full satisfaction of use and will remain a true companion on road. It is full featured helmet and worth every single penny you spend on it.

      It is a modular helmet. If you are among the people who enjoy the open airflow while driving your motor bike also protect face from dust, then this helmet can be the best choice for you.

      ■ YEMA YM-925 has a shell made of high-impact resistant ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This material is strong and durable.

      ■ It meets or exceeds DOT and FMVSS 218 means that there is an assurance of your safety.

      ■ The helmet comes with dual visor design. Outer clear visor is of best quality material and has wide view area. Inner dark visor protects your eyes from bright sun light. The visors are scratch as well as UV resistant.

      ■ The aerodynamic shell design is used to cope up with wind resistance.

      ■ The vent points are on the top and on backside and are adjustable. Hence, ventilation is proper and satisfactory.

      ■ The inner liners are totally removable and washable for good sanitization.

      • Quality ABS shell design
      • DOT FMVSS 218 approved.
      • Proper adjustable ventilation.
      • UV and scratch resistant visors.
      • Tool free and instant installation and removal system of visors.
      • Liners may be uncomfortable to some.

      ILM Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet

      inexpensive ILM off road motorcycle helmet

      This helmet from IML is just undeniable because of its style and features. It is made for both – motorcycling and cycling. As its name suggest its nature is sporty but many people use it as casual for protection. It is really great among cheap motorcycle helmets.

      ■ We always want the helmet that meets and exceeds DOT and FMVSS 218 safety standards. This helmet pass this test.

      ■ The helmet has high quality ABS material shell to ensure protection of head.

      ■ This helmet is well furnished with EPS high-density foam liners to absorb the impact.

      ■ It is dual visor helmet. The outer visor is HD enhanced wide-angle lens for clear and peripheral vision. The sun visor is for protection from harsh sun rays. It is retractable to have shade against sun. Additionally, an inner tinted visor is provided with this helmet.

      ■ A large front air vent and two top air vents are designed for maximum ventilation. These vents are one touch adjustable.

      ■ A breath box is also given which you can remove and fix.

      ■ Like other helmets liners are removable and washable for cleanliness.

      • HD enhanced wide-angle lens.
      • DOT and FMVSS 218 safety standards.
      • Removable breath box.
      • Dual visor system.
      • retractable inner tinted lens.
      • Wind noise is reported because of wrong size helmet.

      1STORM Motorcycle Bike Full FACE Helmet Booster Skull

      best inexpensive motorcycle helmet 1st storm booster skull

      The last but not the least in the list of best inexpensive motorcycle helmet is 1Storm Booster skull. What distinguishes it from others is its stylish design. They have amazing graphics. This can prove to be the best beginner motorcycle helmet.

      ■ This helmet is made up of enforced ABS shell and multi-density EPS materials. This makes it strong, protective and comfortable.

      ■ It meets and exceeds DOT safety standards which makes it reliable.

      ■ The helmet has thirteen opening ventilation system. For good circulation of air inside, it has three air vent slides at front and two on the top. These air vents are adjustable.

      ■ The inner liners and pad are easily removable, giving you freedom to keep your helmet clean and odor free.

      ■ Its aerodynamic design reduces the air force so makes this helmet wind resistant. Therefore, it gives more stability while driving.

      ■ It is available in eight colors. Some of it have beautiful graphics.

      • Quality features in affordable price.
      • DOT certified helmet.
      • Distinguishing stylish designed.
      • Fantastic ventilation system.
      • Removable and washable liners and pads.
      • Lightweight helmet.
      • Size problem is noticed if not chosen by measurement.

      A quick guide buying the best inexpensive motorcycle helmet

      The market is full of affordable motorcycle helmets. You may get cheaper helmets than what you have expected. Remember we are talking about best inexpensive motorcycle helmet and not about a low quality helmet. Accroding to United Nations’ Helmet study low quality helmets gives false sense of safety. That results in failure in protection. Therefore, you must be careful while choosing one. You have to consider following points before you are on the way to purchase an inexpensive motorcycle helmet.

      Measurement of your head and helmet size

      Before you buy a helmet online, you must take measurement of your head with the help of measuring tape. Second thing, you have to see whether the helmet is available in the range of your head size. A right size helmet is very important for fitting. Otherwise, you will miss all other features of helmet like ventilation and comfort.

      DOT Or ECE Safety standard approval

      The helmet must be DOT FMVSS-218 Safety Standards approved. You need ECE safety certification for Europe . Make sure it has DOT logo behind the helmet.

      Shell Material

      The helmet should be lightweight for best experience when you drive. The weight and durability of helmet depends on material used in shell construction. Such best inexpensive motorcycle helmets should have best quality ABS material.

      Liners and padding

      The thick padded helmets are always best for comfort and protection. Thick and soft paddings give feeling of comfort while a long motorcycle drive. Thick padding absorb the impact more effectively.

      Ventilation system

      Before you buy a helmet, you must check the ventilation system. You may face tiredness and sweating if ventilation is not properly made.

      Visors and visibility

      You need choose what type of visors suits you. Make sure they are anti-scratch and have clear visibility.

      Always remember, don’t hesitate to pay little bit more while buying your best inexpensive motorcycle helmet. After all it is about your head and brain safety.


      Finding the best inexpensive motorcycle helmet with overall protection and comfort features is really hard. The more you search the more you are confused. To get this confusion cleared we have suggested the best affordable helmet with quality features. The above mentioned top five helmets are our favorite. However, you can choose any of the helmets that we have reviewed for better results.

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