Top 11 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Hot Weather – 2023

Riding a motorcycle with a helmet in hot weather or summer is really a big challenge! The gravity of the issue intensifies even more when the helmet doesn’t provide enough ventilation. And this is the point! Such helmet gives rise to discomfort, sweating and allergies during hot season. That’s why it’s essential to invest in the best ventilated motorcycle helmet that is designed specifically for hot weather riding.

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best full face helmet for hot weather Shoei GT Air II

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HJC i10 best helmet for hot weather

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best motorcycle helmet for hot weather ScorpionEXO EXO R710

Here, our team of experts carefully curated a list for the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather to assist you in beating the heat and riding in style. We have selected only those helmets that feature superior ventilation, moisture-wicking liners, comfort and maximum protection. So, without wasting much time let’s dive into it so that you can easily choose the best helmet for ventilation for hot weather.

11 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Hot Weather

1) HJC i10 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC i10 best helmet for hot weather

HJC i10 is the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather with its innovative air circulation system in the helmet. Its advanced ventilation and moisture-wicking interior liner work together to keep you cool and dry in hot summer weather and humid conditions. Therefore, if you like to have full protection in summer, it is the best ventilated full face motorcycle helmet just for you.

This helmet is not only practical for hot weather riding, but it is also stylish with its sleek design and sturdy to protect your head. Its outer shell is made of advanced polycarbonate shell which is lightweight and long lasting. The helmet has anti-scratch, anti-fog and UV-resistant strong face shield. It is also optically correct and Pinlock tabs ready.

Its interior is its another speciality that also makes it the best full face helmet for hot weather. It is very comfortable with soft pads and has moisture-wicking liner. That helps a lot in summer to prevent sweating wet your head. The helmet offers multi-channel ventilation system. It gives a constant airflow inside, also removes heat and moisture from the interior of the helmet.

HJC i10 has double D-ring closure system and the chin strap is strong and adjustable. It has glasses grooves too and hence it one of the best helmets for glasses wearers. The helmet has got DOT approval and meets FMVSS 218 safety standards. Really, this helmet is an excellent choice as the hot weather motorcycle helmet to stay cool and comfortable during scorching summer days.


  • Strong and sturdy outer shell
  • Made with CAD technology
  • Comfortable interior
  • Space for glasses accommodation
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Need to choose size wisely
  • Limited graphic styles

2) AGV Unisex K-1

AGV Unisex K-1 best motorcycle helmet for hot weather

AGV K-1 is our another choice as the best helmet for hot weather. If your old full face helmet is unable to fight sweat and humidity in summer, then this helmet can prove to be effective for you. The helmet is has operational top front intake air vents and chin vent which provide fresh and cool air inside the helmet. Its rear vent ports are design to exhaust the hot air instantly. There is constant circulation of air that makes this helmet the best among summer motorcycle helmets.

This motorcycle helmet offers a durable, lightweight and strong polycarbonate shell. It is aerodynamic and impact-resistant to improve your summer riding. The helmet has a removable and washable liner constructed with high quality anti-allergenic fabric. This liner offers a patented micro-opening system that allows air to circulate inside the helmet. All this is so beneficial for hot weather.

This best hot weather motorcycle helmet also offers excellent visibility and protection, with its anti-scratch and anti-fog visor that has a wide field of vision. The visor has a quick-release mechanism. The helmet also has a double D-ring closure that ensures a secure and adjustable fit.

In this way, this motorcycle helmet is an ultimate option for the motorcyclists who wish to experience the thrill of summertime riding. With its unique ventilation and comfort features, undoubtedly, it becomes the best full face motorcycle helmet for hot weather.


  • Aerodynamic and stylish design
  • Multi-EPS protection
  • Special comfortable fabric
  • Space for communication system
  • Advanced ventilation with wind spoiler


  • Little bit noise at very high speed
  • Better if Pinlock is included

3) Shoei GT-Air II Motorcycle Helmet

best full face helmet for hot weather Shoei GT Air II

When it comes to helmets for hot weather, it’s impossible not to mention Shoei helmets. The main reason behind this is its exceptional ventilation system and luxurious comfortable interior. Adding to Shoei’s prestigious tradition is another name, the Shoei GT-Air II. It is not just ventilation but its prominent protection features makes it the best cooling motorcycle helmet.

The helmet is made of a light and strong material that is Multi-Ply Matrix Aim shell. This material makes the helmet hard and tough. Its multi-density EPS layer plays an important role protecting head in an accident. The helmet also has a soft and airy interior inside.

It has a unique CNS-1 face shield that can be operated even with one hand. It is anti-scratch and anti-fog. It effectively prevents the harsh sun rays from hurting your eyes in summer. The clear shield also has a lock that keeps it from opening by itself. The clear shield can be changed or removed easily without any special tool.

Shoei GT-Air II, as its name suggests, is made with enhanced ventilation. It has special vent tab system that lets you regulate the air inside the helmet. You can open or close these venting tabs with your gloves on. The liner is soft and airy. The liner also has small holes that let air move inside the helmet. So, it is a genuine gear for hot summer weather.

As far as Communication set up is concerned, this helmet can well integrate with SENA SRL2 Bluetooth communication system. So, it has all, superb protection, facility for communication, maximum ventilation, in fact maximum features that are required in the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather.


  • Strong and durable AIM shell
  • Advanced CNS-1 face shield
  • Best ventilated helmet
  • Standard face shield and sun visor
  • Easy integration with SENA SRL 2


  • High price for some riders
  • Size issue if ordered without head measurement

4) Scorpion EXO-R710 motorcycle helmet

best motorcycle helmet for hot weather ScorpionEXO EXO R710

Motorcycle riding wearing full face helmet in hot weather can be a challenge, but not with the Scorpion EXO-R710. This helmet is one of the best motorcycle helmets for hot weather, because of its perfect combination of superb ventilation, comfort and protection in a sleek and stylish design.

The Scorpion EXO-R710 motorcycle helmet has a fiberglass and aramid shell that is strong and lightweight. The multi-layered EPS liner inside the shell distributes and absorbs generated impact energy. The helmet also has a KwikWick II liner that is moisture-wicking and anti-microbial, keeping you dry and fresh in hot weather. The liner is also detachable and washable hence, you can wash the dried sweat and dust to keep it clean.

The Scorpion EXO-R710 motorcycle helmet also has a modern ventilation system that allows you to adjust the airflow according to your need in heat. It includes a large intake vent at the chin, two intake vents at the forehead and two exhaust vents at the rear perfect for hot weather.

This best summer motorcycle helmet also has a UV resistant face shield that is also anti-scratch and anti-fog. It provides you a wide and clear view of the road without any failure or distortion. Additionally, the face shield features a locking system that stops it from opening.

The Scorpion EXO-R710 motorcycle helmet is a perfect choice for riders who want to enjoy the ride in hot weather without sacrificing comfort or safety. It is DOT and SNELL approved helmet with many protective and cool qualities necessary for comfortable riding. In short, it is the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather that you should consider.


  • High protective Fiberglass/aramid shell
  • Comfortable for hot weather
  • Anti-fog and UV-resistant face shield
  • Washable liner to maintain cleanliness
  • Plenty of Ventilation
  • SNELL and DOT certified


  • May feel noise at very high speed
  • No Pinlock ready shield

5) Shoei RF1400: The best motorcycle helmet for hot weather

best hot weather motorcycle helmet Shoei RF 1400

Shoei helmets are famous as motorcycle helmets with best ventilation. They not only provide ultimate protection and comfort but also a lot of ventilation. Good air flow and comfort are key factors of a helmet as far as hot atmosphere is concerned. In this regard, Shoei RF1400 is an excellent option. It’s also widely regarded as the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather.

So, talking about its ventilation system, it has total six air intake vents and four exhaust vents. With the help of these vents, the helmet ensures optimal airflow and prevents heat build-up. That is why, the rider remains cool, relaxed and comfortable inside the helmet when its very hot outside. 3D dry max interior system is cherry on the top to prevent sweating.

Shoei RF1400 Motorcycle Helmet doesn’t just prioritize comfort, though. It also delivers top-notch protection. Its compact and aerodynamic shell is made of high-performance Matrix AIM+ materials, providing superior impact absorption in case of an accident. The helmet also has a CWR-F2 shield that offers a wide field of vision and Pinlock ready structure is useful in fogging conditions.

This advanced Shoei helmet has both DOT and Snell approval. So, for safety this helmet is reliable on the road. Additionally, it has quick release system for emergency. In this way, this helmet is all rounder and with its advanced ventilation system, lightweight shell, and moisture-wicking interior it shines as the best hot weather helmet.


  • Advanced AIM+ shell
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Enhanced ventilation system
  • CWR-F2 shield
  • Removable and washable liner
  • SNELL and DOT approved


  • An expensive helmet

6) ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Full Face Helmet

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular best hot weather helmet

Are you finding the best hot weather motorcycle helmet that also has a built-in Bluetooth system? If yes, then you should check out this ILM Bluetooth Integrated modular full face motorcycle helmet. This helmet will keep you cool connected and safe on the road on hot days.

This ILM helmet has a high-quality ABS shell that is durable and aerodynamic. Furthermore, the helmet uses a multi-density EPS liner that provides great head protection by absorbing shocks. It offers a removable and washable microfiber liner which is very soft and breathable. This helps to keep you comfortable, cool and free from sweating in hot weather.

This helmet is equipped with a quality wireless Bluetooth system. It helps to communicate with you co-riders, enjoy music and receive calls just with one touch. Its one-touch Bluetooth control panel is easy to access and straightforward to use.

As it is a modular helmet, you can use it as an open face style in case you feel uneasy in hot atmosphere. Even in full face mode you can get a good ventilation, thanks to its top and chin vent ports. Its rear vents helps to take hot air out. In all, it is a versatile and the best ventilated modular motorcycle helmet on the market.


  • Super quality ABS shell
  • Bluetooth 3.0 system
  • Admirable flip-up chin guard
  • One-touch Bluetooth control
  • Proper ventilation


  • May run small if not select proper size
  • Need of improvement in sun visor sliding system

7) LS2 Modular Vortex Helmet

LS2 Vortex modular best motorcycle helmet with ventilation

LS2 Vortex is one the most affordable and best ventilated motorcycle helmets. That is why we have taken it into the list of best hot weather motorcycle helmet. It is because ventilation of helmet plays a vital role in hot days.

LS2 Vortex is a modular helmet that has a chin bar you can flip up with a button. This way, you can turn your helmet into an open-face helmet whenever you feel hot temperature. Also, you can enjoy the breeze on your face when it is cool outside. The chin bar also locks securely when you flip it up, so it won’t move around.

It has a strong and light Carbon shell that provides superb protection. Its multi-density liner absorbs the impact promptly in the case of an accident. The liner is air channelled and comfortable. The front air vents together with rear vents circulate fresh and cool air inside the helmet in hot weather.

This helmet has dual visor system that protects your eyes from the sun, dust and the heat waves. The outer visor is clear and hard to scratch or fog. It also comes off easily without help any tool. The inner sun visor is dark and blocks the sun’s rays. It also slides up or down with a tab effortlessly.

This motorcycle helmet with ventilation is furnished with quick release system. Therefore, if you feel uneasy because of heat of summer you can quickly take off your helmet. This amazing modular helmet is approved by DOT. So, you are safe on US roads. I would like to suggest that you want the best airflow motorcycle helmet for hot weather, this helmet is perfect.


  • Carbon shell composition
  • Washable liner to clean dust and sweat
  • Air channelled liner
  • Comfortable padding
  • Anti-fog, UV resistant robust face shield


  • Mostly size problem if selected without measurement

8) YEMA YM-926 Modular Full-Face Helmet

YEMA YM 926 best motorcycle helmet ventilation

YEMA YM-926 modular full-face helmet is a helmet that can changed to fit different riding and weather conditions. It is one of the best motorcycle helmets for hot weather, because of two things. Firstly, you can wear it as an open face motorcycle helmet. Secondly, it has proper ventilation even when you use it as a full face helmet.

This helmet offers a strong and lightweight shell made of excellent ABS material. In addition to it, it has multi-density EPS liner to have full protection of your head. The material of the interior is high quality, soft and comfortable. The interior and padding are removable and washable. So, you can wash out sweat caused by summer heat after every use.

The ventilation in modular helmet is also an important factor, specially in full face mode. It becomes necessary particularly in summer or in hot weather. And this helmet stands out in this regard. It has sufficient and well placed intake and exhaust vents to supply constant air flow inside the helmet.

This best ventilated helmet motorcycle has outstanding dual visor system too. Both, the inner visor and outer face shield work well and protect your eyes from sun, dust and insects. The helmet offers quick release buckle and also reinforced chin strap for comfortable retention. In short, if you like modular style it is the best helmet for hot weather.


  • Super ABS shell
  • Aerodynamic and srong buildup
  • Comfortable even in hot weather
  • Adjustable vent ports
  • Affordable price


  • Wind noise is noticed at very high speed

9) AHR Run-M Modular Full Face Helmet

AHR RUN M best hot weather motorcycle helmet

It is really a good deal if you get an affordable motorcycle helmet with best ventilation for hot weather. AHR Run-M modular full face helmet is such a helmet that will save your money and give comfort in hot air too. Apart from the cool ventilation system its protection will give you great satisfaction.

This helmet has a special ventilation system that lets fresh cool air flow in and hot air out of the helmet. This prevents your head from getting too hot and sweaty. The vent tabs are well made and are operational even with gloves. As a modular helmet you can also use it as an open face gear.

The helmet has a strong and light shell that can protect your head from injuries. The shell is made of ABS material that can absorb shock and resist impact. The inner soft pads and liner are removable so that you can wash them to keep hygiene. Along with outer face shield the helmet has an inner visor to shield your eyes and face from the dust, wind and the sun.

This helmet is not only the best ventilation motorcycle helmet but is great for fitment too. You can adjust the chin strap and the inner padding to get the right fit for your head. The chin strap has a quick release buckle that makes it easy to put on and take off the helmet.

AHR Run-M has got DOT FMVSS 218 certificate. It means it checked properly for safety standards and that you need not to worry about safety on road. Wearing full face helmet in hot climate is really troublesome, in this scenario AHR Run-M appears as the best helmet for hot weather with its amazing features.


  • Affordable helmet in many color options
  • Dual visor system for eyes and face protection
  • Proper ventilation suitable for hot weather
  • Quick release buckle
  • DOT approved


  • Comparatively less comfortable
  • Scope of improvement in visor standard

10) Bell Mag 9 open face helmet

Bell Mag-9 best hot weather helmet

If you prefer open face helmet for hot weather, then Bell Mag 9 is the best choice. This helmet is far better than other open face helmets if we compare its comfort and protection power. It offers an ultimate fusion of comfort, ventilation, protection and convenience. Therefore, many riders specially open face helmet lovers consider it as the best motorcycle helmets for hot weather.

Bell Mag 9 – open face helmet has a lightweight polycarbonate shell that is durable and resistant to impact. This helmet has a retractable inner sun visor which useful in summer because it protects your eyes from the sun. Additionally, it has flip-up face shield too that gives protection from dust and hot wind. You can easily flip up the face shield to talk to other riders or enjoy the breeze if you wish.

The helmet has a velocity flow ventilation system that creates a cool airflow through the helmet, keeping you comfortable and preventing sweat buildup. It has a speaker pocket that lets you install your own communication device, such as the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headset. Therefore, can listen to music and communicate with others on phone with an ease. Even you can get GPS directions or chat with other rider-friends wirelessly.

The Bell Mag 9 helmet is compatible with the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headset, which is sold separately. So, you see that it has all modern facilities one needs while driving motorcycle on the road. Specially for hot weather this helmet is amazing!


  • High standard ABS Shell
  • High comfort level
  • Sena Bluetooth compatible
  • DOT approval
  • Comes in affordable price


  • Chance of noise at high speed
  • Comparatively heavy in open face helmets

11) Bell Pit Boss Helmet

BELL Pit Boss best motorcycle helmet for hot weather

There are many riders who prefer a half helmet for hot weather. However one must not ignore safety. Therefore, you must choose a high quality half helmet. In such a condition Bell Pit Boss is surely the best half helmet for hot weather.

The Bell Pit Boss Helmet is a half helmet that gives you the best of both worlds: style and comfort. It is one of the best motorcycle helmets for hot weather, as it has a minimalist design that lets you feel the wind on your face. It also has some features that make it more than just a cool-looking helmet.

It is constructed with a strong shell that is made of tri-matrix composite material. The shell has an innovative speed dial system that lets you adjust the fit of the helmet with a simple twist. The helmet also comes with neck curtain to give additional protection from the wind.

The helmet offers a quality drop-down sun shield for protection of eyes from the sun rays of summer. The sun shield is anti-scratch and anti-fog that means you will get clear and distortion free road view. Moreover, it has a speaker pocket that allows you to install a communication system.

This helmet is approved by DOT and therefore you can ride motorcycle on road with confidence. In short, Bell Pit Boss the multi-quality helmet that offers many features. As a half helmet, you get an abundant ventilation and therefore, for half helmet lovers it is the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather.


  • High quality TriMatrix shell
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Best internal comfort
  • Speed Dial fit system for better fitment
  • Equipped with removable neck curtain


  • Size issue if mismatch in head measurement and ordered helmet size
  • Not suitable for very high speed driving

Guidance for Buying the Best Motorcycle Helmet for Hot Weather

When you are driving motorcycle on the open road with the sun blazing down, it is important to stay cool and protected. You need a reliable helmet that can shield you from the scorching heat while you enjoy the wind in your hair. In this guide, we wil help you discover the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather. If you follow the following points you will get the helmet that will keep you cool, refreshed and safe in hot climate.

Superior Ventilation:

Imagine cruising down the road and feeling a refreshing breeze on your face, providing relief from the hot weather. It is possible only if wear a quality helmet. The best motorcycle helmet for hot weather has special ventilation systems that let in lots of fresh air.

It is designed with vents in strategic places to let the air flow through the helmet, keeping you cool by removing sweat and heat.

Lightweight and Comfortable:

Hot weather can be exhausting, but your helmet shouldn’t make it worse. The best motorcycle helmet for hot weather is lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down.

It is generally made from modern materials that prioritize both comfort and protection. Wearing this type of helmet will feel natural, also you can enjoy your ride even in adverse conditions.

Moisture-Wicking Technology:

When it is hot, it is normal to sweat. However, your helmet should not make you uncomfortable. The best helmet for hot weather uses special technology that helps wick away moisture. It has fabrics and liners that quickly absorb and evaporate sweat. All this help to keep your head cool and dry throughout your ride.

Sun visor:

When you are riding a motorcycle at such times when the sun is emitting intense heat, you should take care of your eyes and face for the protection from harmful UV rays. The best motorcycle helmet for hot weather comes with visors that resist UV rays.

These visors block out the damaging radiation of the sun while giving you a clear view of the road. If the helmet has best quality sun visor and face shield, you can enjoy your ride without worrying about sunburn or eye damage.

Perfect Fit:

Every rider is different, and that’s why customization is important. The best hot weather motorcycle helmet has the facility of adjustment for better fitment. You can adjust the straps, chin guard and even remove padding and liners to find the most comfortable fit. When your helmet fits well, you feel more secure and ride the motorcycle more to comfortably.

According to an article based on NHTSA data, motorcycle accidents are most likely to happen in summer time. That is why you should choose the best summer motorcycle helmet for your head protection.

FAQs on The Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet

Which helmet is best for summer?

When it is hot outside, it is best to choose a helmet specifically designed for summer. You should look for the helmet that has good ventilation, is lightweight and has liners that absorbs moisture. These features maintains your head cool and comfortable during the hot summer rides. Shoei GT-Air II have all the above mentioned qualities and it is one of the most recommended helmet for summer.

How do I keep my head cool in my motorcycle helmet?

To keep your head cool in your helmet, there are some important things you can do. First, make sure your helmet has good airflow with vents that allow air to circulate. You can also wear a skull cap or bandana underneath your helmet that absorbs sweat and provides a cooling effect. It’s important to stay hydrated and take breaks to let your head cool down in the fresh air.

Which helmet is best for ventilation?

As far as ventilation is concerned, find out the helmet that has lot of vents perfectly placed throughout the helmet. These vents allow air to flow in and out and thus keep good circulation of air inside the helmet. Helmet with adjustable vent ports is the best because you can regulate the incoming airflow according to your need. In this regard, Shoei RF1400 is one of the best helmet of ventilation.

How can I sweat less in my helmet?

Sweating inside the helmet is uncomfortable but it is normal in hot summer days. Having said that, you can reduce its intensity by following certain ways. First, choose the best hot weather motorcycle helmet. It is good ventilated and has a liner that wicks away moisture. This moisture-wicking liner soak up sweat too and the head remains dry. You can also wear a lightweight and breathable skull cap under the helmet. It acts as a barrier and prevents sweat from dripping onto your face and eyes.

Do full-face helmets get hot?

Full-face helmets provide great protection, but they can feel warmer because they cover your entire face. However, modern full-face helmets are designed with unique ventilation systems to help cool you down. Some helmets are specifically made for hot weather, and they have extra cooling features to ensure a comfortable ride even on hot days.

Does helmet color affect heat?

Yes, the color of your helmet can make a difference in how much heat it absorbs. A darker-colored helmet absorbs more sunlight and heat up faster. Lighter-colored helmet reflect more sunlight, so they stay cooler. While the impact is not so huge, it is something you should consider if you are riding in hot weather.


By wearing the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather, you can enjoy a comfortable drive even in the scorching heat. However, choosing such helmets is not an ordinary task because every helmet is not specifically designed for hot weather conditions. If you opt for a regular helmet, you may find yourself bothered by sweat and heat. That’s why in this article, our expert team has given special helmets that possess all the qualities necessary for hot weather, ensuring a peaceful and focused driving experience for you.

While selecting these helmets we have given more emphasis on ventilation, comfort and some special features like moisture-wicking liners, sweat-resistant fabric and standard sun visor. A properly ventilated helmet ensures a constant flow of refreshing air while sweat-moisture-resistant fabric help you remain cool and dry. All our attempt is to put forward some special helmets so that you can select the best hot weather motorcycle helmet for a satisfying and safe riding.

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