12 Best Supermoto Helmet in 2024

Are you looking for the best supermoto helmet? Sure, you are. Then it is important know that your requirements are different from a common rider. You must be extra careful while selecting a helmet for you. Your need of head protection and comfort comes first rather than the look. Of course, we won’t overlook your fashion. Our expert team will guide you to buy the best helmet for supermoto.

Choosing the best supermoto helmet:

You know that you have to face speed, wind and dust, jerk and jolt of track and jumps in supermoto. So, you need such a helmet which is really strong and protective from outside and comfortable from inside. Safety level, comfort level, shell material, ventilation system and design will be the key factors when we will select the supermoto helmet.

Knowing supermoto in brief:

Supermoto is a race of supermoto motorcycles run on a track made of three types of surfaces. They are namely, clean asphalt, motocross off-road terrain with jumps, and flat off-road terrain. These surfaces alternate one after another. The game is very adventurous, thrill and full of stunts.

More interestingly, a powerful motorcycle specially made for this racing is also called a Supermoto. Supermotos have larger wheels and tyres than regular motorcycles to suit tough road conditions.

So without wasting any time let’s hunt for the best helmet for supermoto.

Latest 12 best supermoto helmets in 2024

O’NEAL 2 SRS SPYDE Off-Road Helmet

ONEAL 2 SRS SPYDE supermoto helmet

Whenever you mention supermoto, the helmet brand O’Neal is automatically connected with it. O’Neal’s Unisex-Adult 2SERIES Helmet (SPYDE) is one of the best quality supermoto helmets at reasonable price. It is without any comparison when it comes to its strength and style. Let’s discover whether it fits to the adventurous sport like supermoto or not.

This helmet is made of high quality ABS shell. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene which is lightweight, durable and a very strong plastic material. Therefore, the protection power of this helmet is excellent. It weighs only 3.02 pounds. When you wear a helmet for supermoto, you need a sense of full protection, an easiness in fitting, comfort and lightweightness. This helmet accomplishes all these needs in such an intrepid sport for a long drive.

This is a DOT approved on/off road dirt motorcycle helmet and perfectly suitable for supermoto, ATV, Off-Road Bike, UTV, Street Bike and Snowmobile.

Padding of this helmet is soft and comfortable. A hard styrofoam is covered by a layer of soft padding. It is quite thick to absorb the impact, jerk and jolt you come across when drive for this sport. Though the padding is given all around the helmet inside, it is more thick and soft on top, around the ears, and cheeks. It is so soft and comfortable that you will rarely feel fatigue, tiredness or any burden on your head. The pads and liners are removable and washable to keep it sanitized and odor-free.

The helmet is provided with a height-angle-adjustable visor. You can increase or decrease the height of the visor or adjust the angle according to your convenience. This feature gives an advantage of better and clearer view which is important for supermoto.

The amazing ventilation system makes it distinct and best supermoto helmet. There are various vent points to keep the rider well ventilated, providing fresh air flow on face side and overall circulation to the head. This helps the rider to get rid of sweat and fatigue. Thus, the cool atmosphere inside the helmet makes the rider give his maximum performance.

The rubber nose guard provided with the helmet not only protects the nose part but also keeps you cool throughout the hard drive. The double-D chin strap given in the helmet also gives you extra protection. This advanced safety and support feature keeps you away from any kind of injury and gives a perfect fitting.

This is a DOT ECE 22-06 approved on/off road dirt motorcycle helmet. In simple words, besides as a supermoto helmet you can use it for all ATVs, off-road bikes, UTVs, street bikes and snowmobiles.


  • Best off road helmet for supermoto
  • DOT ECE certified
  • Constructed with ABS material
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Double-D chin strap
  • Rubber nose guard


  • Must be careful while selecting the size

O’Neal Sierra II Full-Face Slingshot

Oneal sierra II full face helmet singleshot

It is another O’ Neal brand helmet our team selected as the great supermoto helmet. You can not go further without looking at it while selecting a helmet for your supermoto. Its features and finishing look like it is perfectly made for this sport.

This helmet is DOT and ECE approved. It is specially designed for street-sport-motorcycles and off-road bikes like supermoto motorcycles. However, it is equally useful for scooter, ATV, UTV, street motorcycle, water Scooter and snowmobile.

The shell of this helmet is constructed with super ABS stuff. This makes the helmet safe, protective and durable. Supermoto riders always love these qualities to have in their helmet. It gives them not only protection but confidence also. This helmet is lightweight that is around 1590G ( 50G). So, you won’t feel any burden on your neck while driving.

The padding is thick and soft, perfect to absorb the impact of the rough surfaces of supermoto race tracks. The padding and liners of this supermoto helmet give comfort and stability in high speed. The liners are aslo soft and moisture-wicking. Moisture-wicking is process where sweat quicky moves to the fabric and drys out fast to regulate your temperature efficiently. The padding and liners are removable and washable to give best results after every ride.

The ventilation of the helmet is amazing because the vents hole are given at proper spots. Because of the vents at appropriate angles, canards and design, there is a good amount of airflow. This helps riders to remain cool and fresh even on the sturdy terrains of the sport.

The structure and design of the helmet is aerodynamic. The airflow passes smoothly even on the high speed. This decreases the buzzing sound of air. So, wearing earbuds remains an option.

This supermoto helmet comes with height adjustable visor. You can adjust it according to your need for a clear and wide view. The size of the visor is bit a big but it only helps you to grasp a wider view and control the air flow.

This helmet comes with a padded chin strap. This not only works to give a strong hold but aslo gives a comfortable balance without leaving a mark on your skin. The double-D safety lock of the strap enhances its protection features.


  • Affordable price
  • DOT and ECE approved
  • Moisture-wicking liners
  • Four color choice
  • Modern design
  • Height adjustable visor


  • Size problem if not choose properly

ILM 606V Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet

ILM 606V best dual sport helmet for supermoto

If you have made up your mind to buy an outstanding helmet for supermoto, you can not ignore this helmet. The speciality of this helmet is its popularity among the professional riders. It is manufactured specially for supermoto, dirt bike, dual sport, mountain bike and other outdoor ridings. It is ideal to use this helmet for street motorcycle as well.

Safety is the main concern while you ride in supermoto racing. This helmet will not disappoint you in the matter of safety and protection. It is DOT approved. It also meets or exceeds FMVSS-218 safety standards.

Its shell is constructed with high quality ABS material. As we have mentioned before, this high performing material is lightweight. So, it is surely helpful to protect the head and decrease the load riders often feel on their neck. This ABS material with high-density EPS foam make this helmet best for absorption of impact of adventurous roads of supermoto.

The padding and liners are absolutely soft and bulky to feel you more comfortable and relaxed. The liners are totally removable and washable so that you can keep them clean for every ride. These liners are breathable. Hence, there is no problem of sticking sweat to your skin. It automatically evaporates sweat and keeps your skin dry.

The aerodynamic system of this helmet is appreciable. Front air vent and two top air vents are main vents which plays the role of ventilation promptly. These vents take fresh and cool air inside and take out humid and hot air out. This way, air intake-exit system keeps you fresh throughout the tough ride of supermoto.

It is a dual visor helmet. Best part of this helmet is that, the outer visor is HD enhanced and have angle lens which are wide. This is perfect for supermoto for peripheral view. The sun visor is made adjustable so that you can rotate it against sun direction. It is also provided with a tinted visor which is great for summer or even in sunny days. So, no doubt you can consider it as the best helmet for supermoto.


  • Built with ABS shell and high-density EPS foam
  • DOT and FMVSS-218 safety standards
  • Dual visor helmet
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Removable and washable pads and liner
  • Color options available


  • Outer visor fogging issue can be improved

1Storm dual sport motocross off road full face helmet

1ststorm supermoto helmet

Our team has kept this helmet in the list of best performing supermoto helmets because of its outstanding features. The safety and comfort quality will surely win your heart. It is specifically made for off-road and for sport events like supermoto.

This helmet is constructed with high quality thermoplastic alloy shell which makes it highly protective, durable and lightweight. That is why it gives you safety and comfort on the rough and tough tracks of supermoto. It weighs 4.95 pounds. You won’t feel any sense of weight burden while short or long drive.

This dual sport helmet is certified with DOT safety standards. This ensures protection and safety while driving for such a risky sport.

As for as interior design is concerned it has pillow like soft and thick paddings and liner. These excellent EPS foam anti-shock liners give extra comfort and stability of balance to the rider. The smooth and bulky paddings and lining carry out impact absorption without any flaw on sturdy roads of supermoto. They are also removable and washable for the best and healthy results for frequent use.

Talking about ventilation, there are total eleven air vents. They are placed at right spots and in correct angles. Therefore, there is an ample circulation of air flow inside the helmet which lessens fatigue and keeps the rider fresh all along the ride. The helmet is highly wind resistant because of its aerodynamic design.

It has a dual visor system. One of which is clear visor and another is a tinted visor. The outer clear visor is used for clear wide view and to protect face from direct weather effect. It not only saves you from the hot wind waves in summer but also protects you from foggy weather. The tinted visor is useful in protecting from harsh sun rays of the summer. Thus, it saves you from ultravoilet radiation. Moreover, both the visors are removable. You can remove and reinstall it according to your convenience.

The finishing of this helmet is glossy with UV protection. This finishing enhances helmets look and beauty and also saves you from ultra violet radiation. This is really one of the top options for the best dual sport helmet for supermoto.


  • DOT safety standards
  • Aerodynamic and thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Excellent ventilation with 11 vents
  • Removable and washable liner pads
  • Instant release chin strap
  • best dual sport helmet


  • Insufficient space for Bluetooth
  • Clear shield may get foggy in some cases

Bell MX-9 MIPS Torch Off-Road Matte Black

Bell MX 9 MIPS Torch Off Road Matte Black

Though the price range is little bit high but it also indicates that the quality of this helmet is comparatively high too. This helmet offers all premium features that should be in an off-road motorcycle helmet. This helmet can also be used as a daily use helmet.

The company Bell has used polycarbonate/ABS material to construct the shell of this helmet. As a result of this, helmet has become extra strong and lightweight. It weighs around 3.5 pounds only. Moreover, the shell is integrated with MIPS system. It stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System which fight against rotational forces made from any impact to keep to rider safe from head injuries. It is a plus point to consider this helmet for supermoto.

The helmet is provided with velocity ventilation system. It provides great coolness and comfort to the rider on the rough surfaces. The vents are given from front to back for maximum circulation of air.

The padding and liner of this helmet are soft and thickly cushioned. They are designed to absorb the impact as well as to give good comfort. You can remove and wash these padding and liner to clean and sanitize.

This helmet is equipped with flying bridge visor which is totally adjustable. You can flip up this visor in case you need to wear goggles. It is anti-scratch and anti-fog which adds extra plus point to this helmet. You can totally remove the visor too.

It is DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 safety standards. This strengthens our criteria of protection and safety while buying a helmet for this rough sport of supermoto.


  • ABS material having MIPS system
  • DOT and FMVSS 218 approval
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Heavily cushioned padding and liner
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum ventilation


  • You can’t close cheek and rear vents

Fox Racing Mens V1 Motocross Helmet

Fox Racing mens V1 motocross helmet

Fox racing is the brand which promptly catches your attention while buying a new helmet for any motorcycle racing sport. This brand is a popular name in the bike and sport gear industry. The company always introduces new technology and inventions in the field of helmet and sport gear. Of course, this helmet is made to cope up with sport bikes and bikers. No doubt this helmet is an ultimate choice for supermoto sport by its features.

The helmet shell is a unique combination of molded polycarbonate and ABS- Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. That gives the helmet ultra strength and makes it lightweight. The shell is designed in such a way that it disperse the impact to give the rider complete protection and safety. It has also MIPS system to help mitigate and reduce angular forces of the rotational energy in the case of crash.

This helmet has plenty of vents for pretty good ventilation. Nine intake vents including the front vents near chin side, cheek side and visor side give good intake of fresh airflow. While the back side four vents are the exit points. In this way there is good circulation of air inside which keeps the supermoto rider cool and tireless.

The paddings are pretty thick and well cushioned. Their extra softness gives relaxation all along the riding time. The helmet is provided with dual density EPS liner which is a good improvement for supermoto rider. You can remove and wash the padding and the liner for cleanliness.

The MVRS system makes this helmet very special and compels put in the category of best supermoto helmet. This Magnetic Visor Release System makes you flip off the visor more easily than ever. The is a magnet at center and two snaps at both sides. This is specially made for the emergency condition like a crash.

The fitting of helmet is really good. This helmet is available in almost all sizes and six colors variation depend on the size. The helmet is ECE 22.05 and DOT FMVSS 218 approved which ensures its safety and protective standards.


  • Molded polycarbonate and ABS shell
  • Dual density EPS liner system
  • Equipped with MIPS
  • Massive ventilation
  • Magnetic visor release system
  • ECE 22.05 DOT FMVSS 218 safety standards


  • May be heavy for some sizes

509 Tactical Helmet

509 tactical helmet

If you care about quality plus look, then it is one of the best looking supermoto helmets. This modern designed helmet carries all the advanced protective and comfort features. In addition to this, it doesn’t give stress on your pocket.

The brand has made the shell of this helmet with high performing polycarbonate. This has made this helmet strong and durable to keep you away from injuries resulted from outer forces. The inner EPSliner with dual density absorption the shock of impact that you get on coarse surfaces of supermoto. So, the outer shell and inner liner provides double protection without causing any damage.

The interior design of this helmet done with custom interior EPS foam and high quality dual density liner for maximum performance. The paddings are very thick and soft. As a result of all, this helmet has become super comfortable and shock fighter. This also makes the fitting the perfect. And of course, paddings and liners are super easy to remove for washing for a healthy reuse.

The air vents are arranged in such a way that the rider gets maximum ventilation. The front and back and rear exhaust air vent are made in a particular angle to increase the circulation of air flow. This makes the rider is free from sweating and fatigue, therefore he can keep his cool and pay full attention on the track instead of being disturbed by adverse weather conditions.

The innovative aerodynamic design of this supermoto gear reduces wind resistance. This keeps the helmet wearer stay constant with an ease even at high speed. The cut-outs and the overall purposely made modern design play a vital role in aerodynamics.

The visor smartly saves you from the unwanted air blow, also from the sun beams. This is removable if the case that makes you uncomfortable.

This supermoto helmet is neck brace compatible which is really a great feature. It is also added with a breath box which you can utilize it properly in cold weather to keep yourself warm. You can also remove it in your unfavorable weather condition.


  • DOT approval
  • Proper ventilation
  • Equipped with removable breath box
  • Enough space for goggles
  • Great aerodynamic design
  • Full head protection


  • May feel heavy for some

YEMA YM-915 Off Road Full face helmet

yema ym 915 best helmet for supermoto

This classic piece by YEMA is an ultimate choice, if you want a robust and stylish helmet for supermoto. Yema is a popular helmet brand which mainly popular among youngsters. It always develops such helmets which are relevant to modernity and need of the age. This helmet is a multi purpose helmet and is super fit for supermoto riders.

The shell of this helmet is constructed with outstanding ABS material. As you know, this material is not strong but also lightweight. Therefore, the helmet is very strong and comparatively lightweight. And the look what makes it distinct among supermoto helmets!

Inner portion is having expanded polystyrene material which gives it extra ability to absorb impact and provide absolute fitting. Thus this multi-density EPS foam is provided to enhance protection and comfort to the rider.

The padding and liners are very soft and thick so that you would not feel tightness and uncomfort. The liners are breathable to pass out the sweat quickly and keep the skin dry. So, the rider remains at his comfort zone even while struggling hard on the adventurous track. The padding and liner also give balance, support and protect you from the impact.

As for ventilation is concerned, there are many vent points; at chin point, both cheek side and at visor side. The front side vents are designed to provide fresh air. The backside vents are the humid air exit points. In this way, there is a maximum circulation of air to give cooling effect to the rider. Hence, his performance on the supermoto track is kept intact.

The shape and design of the helmet is extra ordinary aerodynamic. This makes this helmet air resistant even at high speed wind flow. This aerodynamic system also decreases the noise of the wind. Thus, you are able retain your speed and driving undisturbed at excessive flux of wind.

As for as fitting is concerned, there is no need to worry. The liners and soft padding are designed in such a way that you won’t feel like tight snug. There is extra space so that you can wear glasses. The helmet is available in four sizes from small to extra large. You must measure you head size and buy the helmet accordingly.

The helmet is equipped with reinforced chin strap as well as quick release buckle to ensure extra protection. Such quick release mechanism is always important in the time of emergency. No doubt, this helmet is one of the best supermoto helmets.


  • Excellent ABS Shell
  • Aerodynamic designed
  • Having multi density EPS
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Extra space for goggle
  • DOT FMVSS 218 safety standard approval


  • Be careful about size

LS2 Pioneer V2 Adventure Helmet

LS2 Pioneer V2 best helmet for supermoto

This is a versatile helmet but it is specially made for adventurous people who drive on adventurous surfaces like supermoto. It posses all the features and qualities that a good supermoto helmet should have. Most importantly, you are getting all protective features and comfort at an affordable price.

As LS2 Pioneer V2 is specially made for off road sport motorcycle, the shell is constructed with proprietary Kinetic Polymer Alloy. Popularly known as KPA, it is a very strong material, lightweight and force absorber. So, this helmet gives high performance in protection, shock absorption and comfort on the tough surfaces of supermoto.

The inner construction of this helmet is also made equally safeguarding by using dual-density EPS safety liner. This liner efficiently works for energy absorption and gives unshakable support.

Along with liner, the padding are also of best quality. These soft, thick and breathable padding not only give comfort but also saves you from jerk and jolt.

The padding is covered with hypoallergenic fabric to keep you away from any kind of allergy caused by sweat and dust. The helmet brand has used ERS- Emergency Release System in cheek pads. Not only that, these chick pads are designed with contour cut by LS2’s 3D laser technology. The padding and liners are made removable and washable for the healthy use.

The ventilation system of this helmet is excellent. These vents are given at very front side as well as on backside. The right size and position of the air vent give maximum air circulation to keep the rider cool and energetic. Aerodynamic design cuts the wind resistance.

The innovative visor system is the another amazing feature of this helmet. It is equipped with Twin Shield System. The outer visor gives clear peripheral view and sun visor protects from harsh sun rays. The outer shield is anti-fog and anti-scratch. It is UV resistant also to save you from ultraviolet radiation.

Quick release strap system helps you to release the helmet instantly. This is generally very helpful in emergency situations. So, you get both, the best helmet for supermoto and an affordable helmet.


  • Made of proprietary Kinetic Polymer Alloy
  • DOT FMVSS 218 safety Standard
  • ERS system in chick pads
  • Hypoallergenic fabric pad covering
  • Removable and washable paddings and liner
  • Quick release strap


  • Noise problem in some model

AHR Motocross Off-Road Helmet

AHR Motocross Off Road Helmet

What if you get one of the quality supermoto helmets at cheaper price with all premium features? If you are looking for such a helmet then definitely, this helmet is for you. This affordable helmet gives you all the features that a costly helmet gives at heavy price. Don’t worry, we are not compromising with the safety. It is as safe as costly one.

This helmet gives you highly potential ABS shell. As we have seen multiple of times, this material is powerful and lightweight. So, this helmet not only protects your head but also remains on your head like a lightweight cap. This is what you expect from a good supermoto helmet.

The interior is designed with high-density EPS foam and thick padding and liner. The high-density EPS gives best absorption of impact and delivers comfort throughout the time during race. The padding is so soft that you will rarely feel like squeezing. The liner and padding are made from anti-bacterial material. They can be removed and washed for better durability and healthy use.

There are enough vent on front and back side of the helmet for proper airflow. So, the fresh air flows in and out in a moderate flow to give maximum coolness to the rider. This helps him remain calm, cool and free from tiredness during tough ride of supermoto.

The visor peak beautifully placed over head for shading to save you from the harassing harsh sun rays. You can remove this peak by unscrewing the screw whenever you wish to do so.

Reinforced chin strap give a good hold and you can adjust the fitting with the its help.

It is DOT FMVSS 218 safety standards approved. It ensures its credibility for safety and protection from head injuries.


  • Best quality in affordable price
  • ABS shell
  • Anti-bacterial interior material
  • Large space for goggle
  • Quick release buckle
  • Good ventilation


  • Must check size if buying for big head

KLIM Krios: Best as Supermoto Helmet

KLIM Krios best supermoto helmet

KLIM Krios is a helmet that is specially made for adventure and its features makes it the best option for supermoto. The look and performance has no compromise in this helmet. This is the reason why this helmet is becoming popular among supermoto riders. Let’s check its features in more details.

The outer material used in this helmet is Carbon. That is why it is superior in strength and robustness. It also makes the helmet durable and saves your money for a longer time. This lightweight but tough shell helps supermoto riders protect head in an accidents or crash.

The interior of the helmet is equally superior. When other helmets fail to give a minimum comfort, this helmet offers a start-to-end comfort in long and tough tracks of supermoto. Premium level material is used in its interior to make it soft and comfortable. Also, the EPS liner of the helmet is made to absorbs maximum impact.

There is a proper and suitable arrangement of ventilation in this helmet. There are vent ports on top and chin bar to give fresh airflow. The rear vents work to exit humid air from the helmet. So, enough ventilation is provided in the helmet. However, what we found that there is need of improvement in ventilation for maximum performance.

The visor system and the spoiler given are really praiseworthy. They are made to work perfectly well with aerodynamic system. The helmet remains stable even at high speed. This performance make it perfect for off-road use.

It has quick release system, fits snugly and stays perfectly on head without any failure. Talking about the safety standards, this helmet is DOT and ECE approved. Overall, after considering its safety features, comfort and strength I can say that it is the high performing supermoto helmet on the market.


  • Carbon material shell
  • Quality material in interior
  • Excellent protection and comfort
  • Clear and robust visor system
  • Proper ventilation channels
  • DOT and ECE approval


  • Looks bulky on some heads

Shoei VFX-EVO – Allegiant

Shoei VFX EVO Allegiant best supermoto helmet

As its name suggests it is really allegiant to the supermoto riders as a supermoto helmet. Its built quality, look and style all factors are suitable for this kind of motorcycle race. I would highly recommend that if you have no problem with budget then it is the best of the best supermoto helmet for you.

The Shoei VFX-EVO supermoto helmet features an outer shell that made of Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ technique. It includes advanced fiberglass, organic fibers and resin which altogether result in a lightweight yet highly durable helmet. It gives prime protection against impact and abrasion.

This helmet comes with 3D Max-Dry Interior System that wicks away moisture and provides a comfortable and sweating free supermoto ride. The multi-density EPS liner provides added protection against impact forces. It promptly helps to absorb damaging energy in the event of a crash.

Shoei VFX-EVO features an innovative M.E.D.S. system (Motion Energy Distribution System) that decreases rotational acceleration forces. It provides a true protection and safety against head injuries.

The unique ventilation system of this helmet offers optimal airflow and keeps you cool and comfortable during rough and tough supermoto race. The systematically placed and adjustable vents provides maximum airflow inside the helmet. The exit rear vents pulls out humid and hot air.

V-470 visor is another special feature of this helmet. The visor is designed in such a way that it provides aerodynamic balance and a clear view of the road. It is very helpful in supermoto tracks. It is also very easy to adjust and allows you to make the perfect position for maximum visibility.

Shoei VFX-EVO – Allegiant is equipped with an emergency quick release system. This system allows you to remove the helmet quickly in case of an accident. It reduces the risk of further head injury.

This helmet has been approved by both Snell M2020D and DOT-218. It ensures that it meets the highest safety and protection standards. So, if you’re looking for a racing motorcycle helmet, go for Shoei VFX-EVO – Allegiant motorcycle helmet without any hesitation.


  • Most premium quality sporty helmet
  • Stronger shell with agressive look
  • Equipped with Motion Energy Distribution System
  • Advanced aerodynamic design
  • Next level comfort and ventilation
  • Snell and DOT safety certificates


  • Expensive off road helmet

This is how to select the best helmet for Supermoto:

Following are the aspects you must remember before buying a helmet for supermoto. The helmet having the combination of all these points will prove to be the best helmet for supermoto.

Shell Construction Material

Strength and being lightweigh of a helmet generally depend on the material used in its shell construction. The helmet should have any of following material –Carbon fibre, ABS or KPA. These materials are stronger and lightweight also. A mixture of ABS and polycarbonate the best.

They give your head full protection. Moreover, do not exert unnecessary load on your head and shoulder.

You should also check inner material too, because it works as impact absorption. It is very necessary for safety and comfort too. Best quality expanded polystyrene is a must as inner material for any supermoto helmet.

Safety Standards Approval

While buying a helmet it is important to check if its safety standard is approved or not. Government departments like DOT in US or ECE in Europe evaluate helmet safety quality and give certificate. This ensures the rider that the helmet posses safety features. This ultimately boosts confidence of rider even before he wears the DOT/ECE approved helmet. A supermoto rider must avoid buying a helmet that does not have these certificates. They may lack some kind of safety features. Accoding to a study on injuries in off road motorcycle sports mortality rate is high.

Padding and liner stuff

Good Padding and liner makes any helmet comfortable and safe. The material used for padding and liner must be of good quality. In some brands the pad cover fabric is anti-bacterial. That is appreciable and surely you should go for it. The thickness and softness of padding give the rider good comfort which he always needs in tough situations of supermoto. Liner should be breathable.

Proper Ventilation

Maximum ventilation is always preferable unless it becomes excessive. Meaning is that, there should be enough ventilation to keep the rider cool and forget fatigue. But excessive ventilation may prove troublesome. Therefore helmet having adjustable air vents are always best. With such adjustable air vents you can control the air flow and temperature inside the helmet.


You must not overlook the fitting. The fitting should be cozy. It means it should be comfortable for a long riding. Padding of some helmet swells because of sweating after a long drive. It results in a sort of tightening your face. Therefore, it is better to choose a helmet which has inner ventilation. Moreover, you should measure your head size before selecting the size of helmet you want to purchase. Actually best fitting is one of the requirements to become the best helmet for supermoto for a helmet.


Visibility is a factor you should remember while getting a supermoto helmet. In such an adventurous sport like supermoto it also important that your presence should be seen. The helmet with best visibility can play a crucial role in it. Therefore, you should select a best motorcycle helmet for visibility.


What are the main differences between supermoto helmets and regular street helmets?

There tree major differences between supermoto helmets and regular street helmets that is in visor, aerodynamic and ventilation. Supermoto helmets have wider visor that offer a wider field of vision, so riders can see more of the track. They are more aerodynamic so that riders drive faster and change direction quickly. They also have more vents than regular motorcycle helmets.

Regular street helmet also have the same features but less in quantity because they are built according to regular street conditions. While the condition in the supermoto sport is tough and harsh.

Are supermoto or motocross helmets good for street?

Supermoto helmets or motocross helmets are designed for off-road riding and racing. They have features such as a peak visor, strong chin bar and large vents. These features make them suitable for dirt tracks and rough terrain. So, motorcross or supermoto helmets may not be ideal for street riding. They may not offer enough comfort and protection from dirt and debris. They may also not be compatible with some types of goggles or glasses. Therefore, motocross helmets are not recommended for street use.

However, you can use dual sport helmets if you want use for both purposes.

Which helmet is best for Superbikes?

When you talk about a superbike, safety should be your main priority. The best helmet for superbikes is one that offers maximum protection, comfort, and visibility. A full-face helmet is the most recommended option. Shoei RF-1400 or Arai Corsair X are the most prominent helmets for purpose. These helmets provide superior protection and are designed to reduce wind noise and exhaustion. Therefore you are able to focus more on the road.

What type of helmet is most effective?

The most effective type of helmet is the one that fulfils your personal requirements and meets the safety standards of your country. The meaning is, the most effective helmet is the one that has proper fitment and is comfortable to you. It also depends on what type of motorcycle you drive and what is your area of driving.

You should look for helmets that have certification labels from organizations such as DOT, ECE or SNELL or concerned authority organization of your country. Approval from these organization means that the helmet has passed the test of impact resistance, penetration resistance, strength retention and field of vision.

Should helmet be light or heavy?

Weight of helmet is one of the important factors to consider. A lighter helmet can reduce neck fatigue and provide greater comfort on longer rides, on the other side a heavier helmet may offer more protection. Remember, you should not compromise with safety features for weight of the helmet. Select a helmet that has a good balance between weight and protection.

Which helmet is best for racing?

The best helmet for racing is the one that provides maximum protection, comfort and visibility on the track. It is generally a full-face helmet with an aerodynamic design, lightweight construction and a range of features to enhance performance. The matter of best racing helmet depends on your riding style and personal priorities. However, options like the Shark Race-R PRO and Arai Corsair X are great choices for high-performance racing.

Which helmet is used in MotoGP?

MotoGP is very high level motorcycle racing. The riders in MotoGP use helmets that are specially designed and customized for them by their sponsors or manufacturers. These helmets are constructed with high-quality stuff like fiberglass or carbon fiber composite. They have advanced features such as aerodynamic spoilers, emergency release systems and integrated communication devices. Some examples of helmets used in MotoGP are AGV Pista GP RR, Shoei X-Spirit 3, Arai RX-7V etc.

What helmet should I wear for Supermoto?

The kind of helmet you need for racing depends on the type and the level of racing. For supermoto, you may need a helmet that offers more protection and aerodynamics than an average open-face or a modular helmet. In my opinion, for Supermoto you should go for a helmet that has the latest safety technology and is designed specifically for high-performance racing. We have already discussed about such helmets.

What helmet has the most protection?

Speaking candidly, there is not any definite answer to this question. It is because each helmet has its own strengths and weaknesses in different scenarios. But yes, the helmet which offers best quality shell material, liner material, retention, visor system, maximum comfort level and proper fitment can be considered as the most protective. At the same time, it must have DOT, ECE or Snell safety standards or the safety standards of your country.


Buying simply a helmet and buying a helmet for supermoto are two different things. Supermoto is an adventurous sport because the surfaces are very rough and tricky. Therefore the rider is prone to injuries easily. In this scenario, it is a rider’s duty to use the best supermoto helmet to keep away these injuries. A good quality helmet is one the most important safety gear among all gears. So you should select such a helmet which not only give safety and protection but also fulfil the other requirements of the supermoto. Best of luck!

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