Are half helmets Legal in California? A Detailed Analysis

California is such a charming place! Many riders like to enjoy the shiny and pleasant atmosphere of this place. That’s why many of them prefer to wear half helmet to feel the pleasant air on their face while riding a motorcycle. May be to avoid humidity and sweating in hot days. However, a question always peep into mind,”Are half helmets legal in California?”

And it matters a lot because now these days California road safety rules have become more strict and stronger. So, the answer to this question is “yes”. Haft helmets are legal in California. In this article we will elaborate the answer in detail.

Understanding Half Helmets

Half helmets cover only the top of the head. Face and ears are partially covered where chin is totally exposed. Having said that, they still provide a moderate kind of protection. Moreover, they are looked upon as a balance between protection and freedom.

California Road Safety Legal Scenario

California is famous for its traffic rules and strict implementation of road safety laws. There are special rules and regulations regarding motorcycle helmets in California. According to the motorcycle helmet laws by state- Vehicle Code Section 27803, all motorcycle riders and passengers must wear a helmet that meets the safety standards set by the Department of Transport known as DOT. These standards for motorcycle helmets ensure that helmets provide maximum protection from impact in the event of an accident or a crash.

Are half helmets Legal in California?

Are half helmets legal in california for motorcycles

If you have to determine the legality of half helmets in California, it is important to examine whether they meet the road safety standards given by DOT. Well built half helmets offer enough head protection. However, they may not provide the same level of safety like full face or modular helmets.
As per DOT safety rules, helmets must cover the rider’s head that includes the base of the skull and the sides of the head.

In simple words, half helmets are legal in California as long as they meet the DOT safety standards and requirements. These standards contain mainly impact resistance, penetration resistance, proper vision field, and effective retention system. Moreover, they must have the DOT certification label on it because it indicates that the helmet is manufactured according to DOT standards.

Legal Half Helmets v/s Full-Face Helmets

While half helmets may be legal in California, it is very important to look into the potential risks that come along with limited coverage of half helmets. Half helmets are enjoyable, lightweight and handy but comparatively they are less protective.

Full-face helmets on the other hand, provide complete protection to head, face, ear area, and chin. That’s why full-face helmets are always safer than the half helmets. They protect you from impact, facial injuries, debris, dusty wind, and insects. It makes no sense asking, “Can I wear a half helmet in California?” if you have habit of riding so fast. Only full face helmet is better in this scenario.

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Choosing the right half helmet in California

In spite of knowing all motorcycle helmet laws in California, if you have made up your mind to get a half helmet, you can consider the following points.

Check safety standards

Motorcycle riders should check that the chosen half meets all the required DOT safety standards. The main goal of wearing helmet is protection of head. DOT ensures effective safety of riders from all kind potential injuries. So, make sure that the half helmet is approved by DOT.

Your riding style

Whether you are riding on California roads or anywhere in the world, your riding style plays a significant role in the selection of a helmet. If your journey is short, slower or it is for enjoyment, you can prefer a half helmet. If you frequently ride on highways or if you are high speed lover then go for a full face helmet. You will get additional protection features of full face helmet in this condition.

Shell Construction Material

While choosing a half helmet it is better to consider material from which the helmet is formed. Generally, Carbon and Fiberglass shell helmets are considered to be the best helmets. These materials are strong. They dissipate the impact energy more efficiently than Polycarbonate. Therefore, it is a good choice if you select a half helmet having Carbon or Fiberglass shell.

Visor Quality Check

In half helmet, face is not covered entirely. Therefore, there is a risk of hitting of insects, dust particles or debris on your face. The only way to avoid this is to get a half helmet with retractable visor. See that visor is of the best quality, strong, anti-scratch, and clear.

Matching size of head and helmet

Any helmet is all about protection and safety. It applies to half helmet too. If there is no proper fitment, the helmet is unsafe. The helmet is not constant on your head. Also, it can’t be comfortable. Therefore, you must select a half helmet that fits on your head comfortably. It must not be too fit or too loose.

Debate about using half helmet in California

There are two opinions whether it is legal to wear a half helmet in California. According to some people it is legal and some people says it is illegal. I hold the first view point. We have never seen or read any motorcyclist wearing half helmet caught by the traffic police. Nowhere in rules, it is written that half helmets are not allowed in California. As long as they fulfill the DOT requirements, they are legal. So, are half helmets legal in california for motorcycles? Yes, DOT half helmets are.

Of course, there can be a debate whether half helmets provide sufficient protection or not. But, this is a different point for discussion.


The purpose of this article is to answer the question- “Are half helmets legal in California?” with all possible explanation and experience. Hope, you understand that you can enjoy riding in California with half helmets that meet DOT safety standards. Along with the legal aspect you should also consider your protection and safety. It totally depends on your personal choice, convenience and common sense for protection as far as any helmet is concerned. Lastly, we will recommend that you can maintain your sense of freedom and style with a half helmet but you must not ignore the head protection and road safety. Choice is yours!

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