Top 15 Best Half Helmet No Mushroom – 2024 Picks

Your exploration in pursuit of the best half helmet no mushroom shows that you have a high sense of safety and the look too. As a positive attitude person that is absolutely right! Some half helmets really give an awkward look like a mushroom. It sometimes become a part of joke among friends and colleagues. Therefore the person is not confident after wearing such helmet.

The problem occurs, when people try for a cool looking half helmet and they get a weird mushroom like helmet. You are not the only one who face this problem.

Apart from Harley and cruiser owners, many people buy half helmet because they want less weight and a lot of ventilation. Many people feel suffocation when they wear a full face helmet. All they want is no mushroom half helmets but they get mushroom heads.

Here, we will suggest you few best half helmets that has no mushroom look. Importantly, we have taken care of your safety at first point.

Top 15 Best half helmet no mushroom

Vega Warrior Half Motorcycle Helmet

vega warrior no mushroom half helmet

Vega Warrior is the best half helmet no mushroom gear. Strong ABS shell, quality EPS liner, lightweight and slim profile makes it special. The reason you buy a helmet is safety of your head. And your decision of buying no mushroom head helmets is a part your style. This helmet covers the both, your style and protection. This Vega half helmet in no way looks a like a mushroom head.

This amazing helmet fulfills all necessary requirements of safety standards to protect your head. It has DOT safety standards approval. So, there is no need to care much about safety feature of this helmet. You can drive your motorcycle with a sense of security with this helmet.

The helmet which designed both for men and women is available in almost all sizes. It has an adjustable dial fit system at the backside. Therefore, you have an absolute fitting on your head.

Thick and high density EPS material is used in this helmet for inner design. This special material not only gives you super comfort but effectively protects your head. The impact absorption of this helmet makes this helmet outstanding. The fully vented liner makes you feel cool even in hot weather. Comfort tech Wick-Dri liner provides you comfort and keeps you sweat free.

This helmet is provided with drop down sun shield. This is optically correct shield means it decreases distortion to give you clear and correct view. Not only this, it saves you from severe sun rays, dust and bugs when you are on the way.

A quick release strap makes it easier to remove the helmet off your head swiftly in case of mishap. This lightweight helmet does not put any burden on your neck. So, you can enjoy your riding with comfort, safety and with your style.


  • DOT FMVSS-218 safety approval
  • Suitable for cruiser, chopper, street bike etc
  • No mushroom head look
  • High quality EPS liner


  • Be careful while choosing for big head

ILM 205V Motorcycle Half Helmet

iml half motorcycle helmet that doesnt look bulky

ILM 205V half helmet is another super motorcycle helmet that doesn’t look bulky. If you look at this helmet it resembles exactly to Vega helmet warrior half helmet. However, it is distinct in shell material and quality. This helmet is also pleasing in price. It gives all those features that you find in costly helmet.

ILM 205V uses high quality ABS material in the construction of this helmet. This strong and lightweight material provides a substantial protection and comfort to your head. Because of its lightweight it becomes much handy. Its slim design is perfect to avoid mushroom head.

The inner liner is soft enough to give comfort to rider. It is embedded in the helmet in such a way that it makes maximum impact absorption. This is very necessary to protect you against any damage in case of accident or mishap.

It’s DOT safety standards certification ensures the feeling of safety on the road. Therefore, you are confident about safety which is very important when you start your journey. This helmet cares about your head protection in every possible way.

As, it is an open face half helmet the ventilation of this helmet is superb. On another side, because of its thin liner system there is a proper air flow around your head. This continuous air flow circulating inside the helmet results in cool and comfort experience to the rider.

The helmet is equipped with retractable as well as replaceable sun visor. They protect your eyes from sun, dust and insects that comes on your way while riding. So, there is no need to worry about the safety of eyes too. So, this half helmet is perfect for those who are looking for no mushroom helmet in an affordable price.


  • Affordable price
  • DOT approved
  • Quick release buckle
  • Solid and glossy black look


  • Thick liner lovers may not like it

GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Half Helmet

GLX unisex non mushroom head half helmet

GLX is known for producing safe and first-rate products in affordable prices. This helmet by GLX not only give you a stylish look but also a complete protection with comfort. There are very few no mushroom half helmets like this in the market which offer you best features in low budget.

Outer shell of the helmet is strong enough to save you from any casualty. Polyester fabric used in this helmet produces extra functionality in terms of comfort and safety. The inner design is made in such a way that it gives you maximum fitting and easiness. The thick padding and liner give you a complete softness to your head. The EPS liner in this helmet absorbs high impact at its best to keep you safe and sound.

A special thing that we find in this helmet is premium synthetic leather at the bottom side of liner. This makes this helmet more durable, comfortable and stylish. It is placed along with the liner in such a way that you will not feel any weight on your neck and shoulder.

Importantly, there are well built compartments for using Bluetooth earbuds or earphones. This is something that you miss in some costly helmet too. So, if you use this helmet there is no hurting feeling to your ears when you put on earbuds.

The helmet comes with retractable and replaceable visors. The clear visor does not let outer elements hurt your eyes such as dust and bugs while riding. The free tinted shield saves your eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays. It is anti-scratch, therefore it is durable. Three preset positions are given to adjust height of retractable visor according to your convenience.

A quick release strap is designed for this helmet. So, you can quickly and easily take off the helmet when times comes like an accident. This helmet is best among the low profile half helmets.


  • DOT approved
  • Anti-scratch clear visor
  • Compartments for communication system
  • Proper ventilation


  • Size problem if not chosen properly

Daytona Half Helmet Skull Cap- Graphics

daytona half skull cap helmet

Daytona half helmets are very popular in the category of half helmets. However, some Daytona helmets look somewhat bulky. But this very helmet having graphics looks no more mushroom head helmet.

Daytona is famous for giving quality products in an affordable price. It keep up pace with the modern technology and fashion of the age. This Daytona skull cap half helmet is the output of the brand’s ingenuity. This strong and robust helmet wins one’s heart at first look.

This helmet meets and exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 safety standards. The brand claims this model as the smallest low profile half helmet in the world that passes DOT safety tests. This ensures the safety of your head in case of any accident. With this helmet you ride with a sense of being safe and protected.

One special feature of this helmet is no hair pulling strap system. The helmet with a short narrow chin strap generally have a problem of pinching or pulling hair. But here in this helmet, the position of the strap can be adjusted. Because of the adjustable position feature you can set the strap where there is no chance of hair pinching. This feature of this helmet makes it probably the best low profile half helmet.

The helmet has quick strap release system which is a plus point. This quick release of helmet is very important specially in the case of any mishap. With this helmet, you won’t get your head stuck in such situation because of quick release strap.

The helmet is well cushioned inside. The liner is covered with net type fabric which is helpful to absorb sweat and keep you cool. Its thickness is perfect for impact absorption to give you a higher protection.

The custom designed graphics on the helmet are beautiful. Many graphics are available in different colors and structure. You can choose any of the design compositions that suits your body and temperament. With no mushroom look, this half helmet boosts your personality and confidence when you go for a riding.


  • DOT approval for safety
  • Eye catching graphics
  • Thick comfortable padding
  • Quick release strap with no pinching
  • Good ventilation
  • Lightweight


  • Chin strap is uncomfortable for some people

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 rebellian no mushroom head helmet

This amazing helmet is an all-in-one type helmet that won heart of our team. The fabulous slimmer design, shell, visors, ventilation and liner of this helmet are really praiseworthy. It is obvious that you would feel lucky if you find all these factors of best quality in a half helmet.

Let’s first talk about its shell. It is made of KPA that is Kinetic Polymer Alloy. This is high performing and lightweight material ready to bear high impact. It makes this helmet highly protective and strongly safe. So, this helmet serve the very first purpose that is safety efficiently.

The outer shell is designed with carved lines. They are in such a way that they reduce external wind force in high speed. This makes this helmet aerodynamic for a better stability.

Liner is the second most important factor in any helmet. The liner of this helmet is having technical moisture-wicking fabric. It is hypoallergenic that is it protects your skin from dust mite allergy. The liner foam is quite thick to manage impact energy in the best way. It is totally removable and washable so that you can keep cleanliness around your head.

In short, the shell combined with foamy liner gives you the best comfort and protection. Surprisingly, in spite of thick EPS and foam it looks no mushroom head.

The ventilation system of this helmet is unique. There is a large flip ventilation button above the front visor. You can easily make it on and off according to your requirement. When switching on, enough air flow goes straight inside your helmet giving maximum ventilation. This keeps you cool and free from fatigue in hot climate.

This helmet has a drop down sun visor to protect you from sun rays. The tabs are given on both sides for adjustment. You can adjust it in two stages. If you want to cover your eyes totally drop it down fully or keep it half way on the level of your sight.

This helmet has a quick release strap. It is metal to metal fitting and release strap. This quick release strap system is important specially in a mishap.

This no mushroom head motorcycle helmet is equipped with a set up of linking Bluetooth communication system installation. You will have to buy the linking separately.


  • DOT approved safety standards
  • Shell made of KPA
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Technical moisture wicking fabric on liner
  • Drop down sun visor
  • Quick release strap
  • Bluetooth communication system set up for Linking


  • Fitting problem if not chosen properly

Cartman Cruiser Scooter Half Face Helmet

cartman cruiser scooter half helmet

This is a mind blowing half helmet among no mushroom head helmets as for as its appearance and price is concerned. Along with these two features this helmet has all those features that comes in costly helmets.

As far as the protection of head is concerned, this half helmet is made up of ABS shell. This makes it strong enough to protect your skull. Also, because of ABS material it is lightweight and long lasting. In short, in case of any accident it able to save your head from being injured.

When it comes to an easiness in wearing and comfort, liner plays an important role. It has EPS liner which is thick and has high density. It is a vented liner for your comfortable riding which lessen the stress of long drive.

This half helmet no mushroom look item is equipped with quick release system. Its buckle is designed is such a way that you can easily adjust it forward and backward. The chin straps are made so handy that you can adjust them even when you are riding and also wearing gloves. Also it has great fitting system.

The specially of this wonderful helmet is its look. All you want is best helmet to avoid mushroom, right? Not only its external design but also its amazing graphics serves your demand. I am sure, you will be a center of attraction when you are riding motorcycle or scooter with this helmet.

DOT approval is the one of most important aspects as far as low profile half helmets are concerned. This helmet has DOT FMVSS No. 218 certificates and meets and exceeds FMVSS safety standards. So, it is totally safe to ride with this half helmet.


  • Made with ABS material
  • It is lightweight
  • High density and thick EPS liner
  • Eye catching graphics
  • It is approved by DOT


  • Lightweight but it is comparatively heavy

LS2 Bagger Half Helmet

LS2 bagger no mushroom half helmet

It is another amazing half helmet from LS2 to avoid mushroom head. As you know it is a reputed helmet producing company and it will never let its prestige go down. Therefore, we one expects good quality at first place. After examining, we found the same better results as follows-

First of all we will discuss the outer shell of this helmet. It is made up of fiberglass. Wow! Isn’t it great! This material is known for its strength and durability. It signifies that this low profile half helmet has the strength to protect your skull in case of any accident. Fiberglass also makes this helmet lightweight therefore, no worry of stress on neck.

Another feature that makes it different from many of the helmets is its detachable inner pads. It is also washable so that you can keep your helmet clean. In this way your keep yourself away from the bad smell and itching problem caused by sweat. The pads are quite thick to give you comfortable a ride.

The special thing about this motorcycle helmet is its removable neck skirt. Such kind of neck covers in helmets give you extra protection from wind and dust in almost all seasons. But, it is very useful in winter season to save you from cold winds. As it is removable you can put on or put off according to your convenience.

The helmet is stuffed with shocking amazing features. It has pockets for speakers which are generally not available in low quality motorcycle helmets. This facility is helpful because sometimes we need to communicate with others while riding. As the helmet does not provide speakers you will have to buy them separately.

One must see if the motorcycle helmet of any kind is DOT approved or not. This helmet is all ready with DOT approval and meets the FMVSS 218 safety standard. This ensures us that we can ride with feeling of safety.


  • It is made with Fiberglass material
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Inner padding is removable and washable
  • Removable and comfortable neck skirt
  • DOT approved
  • It is equipped with speaker pockets


  • Size problem if not select properly

Bell Rogue Half Helmet – No mushroom look

Bell rogue half size helmet no mushroom look

As our team was finding half helmets that has no mushroom, we reached to a fabulous helmet of this kind. If your budget is little bit high then this helmet is for you. This half helmet has not only an aggressive look but also ultimate protection quality. Why this confidence? The answer lies in the following features.

The well known brand Bell makes this half helmet using carbon composite shell. This material makes this helmet strong and durable. Though the helmet is strong and robust to protect you from every possible impact, it is lightweight. So, it also keeps you stress-free from weight of helmet and away form unnecessary burden on the neck.

This low profile motorcycle helmet is provided with integrated vented roost guard for the extra protection and right ventilation. This helps to get proper flow of fresh air inside the helmet and thus the rider feels cool.

The inner design of the helmet is made up of Expanded Polystyrene. This not only absorbs the hit energy but provides the comfort of wearing. Along with this its interior liner is integrated with Flex Energy Management for protection. The interior of the helmet is layered with genuine leather which is antibacterial and washable.

The helmet has a special attachment of a muzzle which is removable and adjustable. This muzzle is provided with removable liner. This amazing protective muzzle is designed with Fidlock magnetic connection so that one connect and remove it with an ease.

It has a magnefusion emergency removal style for the situations when you have to take off the helmet as quickly as possible. The cheek pads are integrated with this system in such a way that it takes no time to remove it.

As important as it is always, this helmet has DOT safety approval and meets the FMVSS 218 safety standard. In short, this is the best skull cap helmet with amazing safety features which doesn’t look like a mushroom.


  • Constructed with carbon fiber composite shell
  • Strong, durable and lightweight
  • Inner design with Expanded Polystyrene
  • Flex Energy Management system
  • Removable and adjustable muzzle
  • Magnefusion emergency removal system
  • Approved by DOT


  • A little bit costly
  • Chance of improvement in muzzle Crazy Al’s Ultra Low Profile Beanie Helmet Crazy Als Ultra Low Profile Beanie helmet Crazy Al’s half helmet is one of the top ultra low profile motorcycle helmets with smart look. The manufacturer has kept it so lightweight and handy that riders over 50000 have been in love with it. The features and the simple designed shape make it possible to achieve this goal.

The helmet is constructed with fiberglass, a material which is strong, durable and yet lightweight. This material has a special quality of absorbing the impact efficiently. As a result of this, this helmet is not only strong and robust but at the same time gives comfort being very lightweight.

As far as design is concerned, this motorcycle helmet is made in ultra low profile style. It is designed in such a way that it fits straight forward on your head. The snug fitting of the helmet along with pads gives a real comfort even when you go for a long drive. No wonder if someone says it take total care of your head, your look and your ride.

This is totally a non mushroom head helmet. As we approached the riders who already have this helmet. Most of them are satisfied with their look after wearing this helmet. Generally, half helmets give a look of mushroom head but it is not in the case of this helmet. It is because this helmet is not bulky.

The helmet is provided with quick release straps. The straps are so simple to adjust according to your convenience. So, when it comes to wearing and removing the helmet it is made so easy. And this is actually essential and very helpful at the time of any mishap.

Needless to say, this wonderful helmet has DOT approval and meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS No. 218 standards. The brand boasts that it is world’s smallest dot approved motorcycle helmet. It is good for us that we are getting all good features in this half helmet!


  • Best head protection features
  • Made with fiberglass material
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • It has DOT approval
  • Quick release straps system


  • Problem in fitting for some long oval heads
  • Need improvement in inner padding

AHR RUN-G DOT Motorcycle Half Helmet

AHR run g motorcycle half helmet

This helmet is popular among the riders who like German style helmets. As a German half helmet, it has no mushroom head at all. From its external look itself one gets idea of its strength and look. The ABS material and the EPS liner has made this helmet sturdy, comfortable and lightweight.

As it is mentioned before, this helmet is constructed with ABS material which is considered to be a strong, long lasting and lightweight. All these qualities of the material are seen in the helmet. Therefore this helmet protects you from the unwanted impacts whenever there is a situation of an accident.

Along with ABS material the helmet is manufactured using high quality EPS liner. The liner is the thick and with density. It is very helpful in absorbing impact. It is also fully vented to keep you sweatless. All these result into a comfortable riding even in the hot atmosphere and even in the long drive.

As far as quick release system is concerned, it is well maintained in this helmet. It is equipped with a quick release buckle. It is fully adjustable and designed to move forward and backward with an ease. This makes it easy for you to put on and off the helmet fast whenever you are in a hurry or in such a situation when you must take off the helmet immediately.

A special space is given around ear holes so that you feel comfortable after wearing it. Also, some extra padding is provided for the protection of your face. Indeed this is very useful.

AHR RUN-G has DOT approval. It meets DOT FMVSS No. 218 standards. This certification of this helmet ensures that the brand has maintained quality and it is safe to wear on the road. The strength and style are the factors to mention this helmet in the list of best half helmet no mushroom.


  • Made of ABS material
  • Protective and lightweight
  • Thick and vented EPS liner
  • Has Dot approval
  • Ample ear space holes
  • German style


  • Bulky for some riders

Another Half helmets with No Mushroom Look: Short Description

TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet

TORC T55 Spec Op best half helmet no mushroom

TORC T55 Spec-Op is a cool choice for half helmet lovers. This helmet avoids weird mushroom look with the help of its unique design. Torc is famous for its innovative ideas about safety and styles. The same things have been replicated in this helmet. It is perfect for the motorcyclists who have intermediate oval head shape. The helmet has drop down visor for the protection from sun. It interior is cozy and comfortable. TORC T55 Spec-Op is a DOT approved helmet. So, if you want a stylish half helmet without bulky look, you can consider this helmet.

Bell Recon Cruiser

Bell Recon Cruiser half helmet no mushroom look

Bell Recon Cruiser is one of the best options to escape from being mocked for mushroom head. This helmet from Bell is not just meant for look and style but also for superior head protection. Along with the comfortable and removable interior, it offers removable ear covers having speaker pockets. For a perfect fitting purpose, it has different shell sizes. In addition, it has strong goggle strap holder for your convenience. In a nutshell, Bell Recon Cruiser is a pro-rider half helmet with amazing look.

Daytona Half Shell German Motorcycle Helmet

Daytona Half Shell German Helmet

Daytona German half helmet is for those riders who want to preserve their affection for German style without a mushroom look. The brand claims that it the smallest German helmet which has DOT approval. The helmet provides quality nylon straps for strong retention which is very important for safety. With the robust shell, the interior has comfortable and moisture-wicking fabric. This half helmet is an amazing gear for those who travel in hot weather condition.

VCAN Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

VCAN Cruiser no mushroom half helmet

VCAN Cruiser Half helmet is a protection gear which is crafted keeping the modern trend in view. Its design, graphic, and peak visor dispel the mushroom head vibes. With its awesome ear and chin straps, it provides a proper retention. Moreover, for your eyes protection it has drop down sun visor which you can use according to your riding situations. This stylish half helmet has DOT safety standards.

Yesmotor Baseball Style Half Helmet

Yesmotor baseball style cap helmet

Yesmotor Baseball Style half helmet is crafted with unique design and modern trends. If you want to experiment with your riding style with a noticeable look, then you can consider this helmet. Its outer shell has ABS material which is strong and durable. It’s not just a skull cap helmet, its high density EPS liner protects your head from the impact in an accident. The helmet is quite soft and comfortable with removable liner. Equipped with quick release chin strap, it offers better fitment and retention too.

A short guidance for No mushroom Half Helmet

Actually, you are going to buy a half helmet that should not look like a mushroom head. While focusing mainly on the look, you must not overlook the safety features. With the help of following guidance you can make a proper decision for your next half helmet.

Shell construction:

Half helmets are a kind of low profile helmets. That is why, you should be extra careful while choosing such helmets. See what material is used to construct the outer shell of the helmet. It is because, the shell is mainly responsible for the safety and durability. The shell of the helmet must be made of either carbon fiber, composite fibers or high-resistance thermoplastic material.

Liner and padding:

Liner is an essential part of a helmet. It is responsible for absorbing impact energy to keep you safe and stable. While choosing a non mushroom half helmet, make sure that liner is made up of expanded polystyrene that is EPS. It should be think enough to give you comfort as well. If padding, it should be soft and thick. Liner should be removable so that should keep it clean for sanitation.

Safety certification:

Every state has its own rules and regulation about safety standards. Check that the helmet you are going to buy is certified by government sanctioned bodies. In U.S. make sure that it is DOT certified. These safety certifications ensure us that the helmet is able to protect our head.


As a half helmet, there is no issue of outer ventilation. In fact, it is the reason some persons buy these helmets. However, you should pay attention to the inner ventilation of the helmet. If there is no enough ventilation inside, you may feel a kind of sticky inside the helmet. It is because of sweating resulting in fatigue specially in hot days.

Safety strap:

In the case of half helmets, strap is a crucial part. It is the only element which holds the helmet attached to head throughout the journey. It is better, if it is of best quality fiber and quickly removable. Avoid such a strap that has fitting buckle near ear so that your hair should not be trapped into it.

Size and weight:

When talking about the best half helmet no mushroom, size is very important. You must measure your head size the order your helmet. Just guessing won’t work as it is the matter of your safety. Also, returning the product is very annoying. Weight of helmet plays an important role in comfort and health of your neck. It is always better to choose a helmet which is lightweight.


What is a mushroom head helmet?

A mushroom head helmet is a bulky helmet that looks bigger than usual helmets. They look like this because manufacturers use extra foam and padding for safety. They are also called beanie helmets. Actually, it is good for head protection of motorcyclists. But as far as half size mushroom head helmets are concerned, they look abnormal. Therefore, riders who love half helmets avoid mushroom head helmets.

Is half helmet illegal?

Half helmets are not illegal as long as they are approved by road safety authority or department of transportation of a particular country. In United States, half helmets approved by Department of transportation are generally legal.

What is the best half helmet for long drive?

For long drive, we will have to consider half helmet with face shield, with less weight and robust shell. In my opinion, LS2 rebellion, Bell Rogue and Vega Warrior are the best half helmets no mushroom for long drive. As, half helmets are lightweight there is no such load of weight on head. Hence, you can enjoy even a long travel with these helmets.

Which helmet has a smallest shell?

The answer of this question varies according to age group and type of helmet. For example, the brand Crazy AI says that its half helmet is the smallest helmet in the world that has DOT approval. If we believe this, it is the smallest shell helmet. But helmets for kids are smaller than this. Also, brands like Shoei and Arai makes lowest profile small shell full face helmet. So, speaking frankly it has no definite answer.

Are Crazy Als helmets DOT approved?

Crazy Als half helmets are DOT approved. While making them every precaution is followed so that they fulfill the norms of Department of Transportation. Also, they meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. So, being no mushroom, lightweight and slim helmets, they are safe.

Is a half helmet better than no helmet?

Half shell helmets cover only half part of head. So, if we compare to full face helmets they are not fully protective. With said that, they are better than having a naked head while driving. In many cases half helmets have saved the riders from head injuries and no mushroom half helmets are not exceptions.


There are many brands claiming best half helmet no mushroom but every helmet does not fulfill your requirements. The helmet having quality shell construction, DOT safety standards, best EPS liner and quickly removable strap is important to us. Keeping all these factors into consideration, our team picked the above mentioned 10 best no mushroom half helmets. I hope you like these helmets for a cool look and safety of your head.

Extra tip – Half helmets are always better than novelty helmets. According to Researchgate they do not provide enough protection.

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