10 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Passenger- Adults and Kids

It may seem useless to hunt for the best motorcycle helmet for passenger for some, but actually it is not. Safety of every passenger who comes along with you on your motorcycle is important. And after all, the passenger may be your wife, daughter, son, husband who you love beyond your life. Or, a girlfriend, a boyfriend or your best friend whom you never want to loose. Needless to say, every passenger who sits behind you on motorcycle requires the best helmet for protection.

There are many reports asserting the necessity of use of helmet by passengers. A research published in JAMA surgery says that motorcycle passengers have to face more fatal brain and head injuries than motorcycle drivers. It is because usage of motorcycle helmets by passengers is less as compared to motorcycle drivers. In most of the cases motorcycle passengers don’t even think about wearing a helmet. Searching for ‘best passenger helmet for motorcycle’ is far away for them.

Fortunately, some states have made it compulsory for motorcycle passengers to wear helmet. This is the duty of riders too to make the passenger wear the helmet. Moreover, the quality of the helmet for passenger should be good enough to protect him or her from high impact. Let’s discuss this need of best passenger helmet in details.

Why Only Best Motorcycle Helmet For Passenger?

The researchers have found that riders who are passengers in a motorcycle crash are 5 percent more likely to suffer head or brain injuries than those riding as drivers. There are many reasons for passenger’s increased vulnerability to accidents. But the main reason behind this is that there are not such holding parts on motorcycle for passengers to hold firmly. Therefore, in the event of collision or crash the passenger is directly thrown away forcefully from the motorcycle. On the other hand, there are handlebars for drivers to hold on.

So, it is confirmed that motorcycle passengers are more susceptible to injuries in the case of an accident. Therefore, it is very important for passengers to wear helmet while riding on a motorcycle. Saying that they should wear helmet is not enough. Actually, there is a need of only best motorcycle helmet for passenger.

If accident happens in slow speed, the risk is less. However, in high speed the passenger is rejected from the motorcycle very rapidly. The normal helmet can not give proper head protection to the passenger at such high impact. Only best quality motorcycle helmets can do this job more effectively. Isn’t this an enough reason to get the best helmet for motorcycle passenger?

Without wasting your precious time, let’s find some wonderful safe helmets for your beloved passengers. According to age group and gender of your passengers we have divided this list into two parts.

1) Best motorcycle helmets for adult men women passengers

2) Best motorcycle helmets for kid/teenager passengers

Each of which includes 5 helmets-

5 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Passenger- For Male Female Adults

GLX Unisex-Adult GX11

GLX Unisex Adult GX11

Speaking truly, the main reason behind selecting this helmet are the reviews of the many riders where they say that this helmet saved their lives. Impressed with their testimonials we decided to try this motorcycle helmet for a passenger and results were just wow! It really ranked in best passenger helmets.

The GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 motorcycle helmet has a compact and aerodynamic shell designed for the passenger-riders who desire a sporty look and feel. The helmet is made of an injection-molded thermoplastic shell, which has been created to provide the rider with maximum protection. That is what we need for the protection of the passenger.

This motorcycle helmet has many conscientiously designed ventilation panels. These vent pannels are engineered to allow passengers to stay cool and dry under the most extreme conditions. The large lower vent shutters provide extra cool fresh air. The upper two sets of vents and backside rear vents keep a good circulation of air to keep the rider free from sweat and fatigue.

This helmet has a 3D molded shield that offers distortion-free vision through the entire area of the shield. It provided with a new spring system that simplifies and boosts the superior wind and water sealant performance.

The helmet is provided with a removable breath guard which redirects the breath of the rider to reduce fogging. This is specially helpful in cold days. There is also a chin curtain to resist turbulent flow of air from directly entering into helmet. As a result, there is noticeable noise reduction.

As for as comfort of the helmet is concerned, it is considerably good. The liner and paddings are covered with microfiber clothing that gives extra softness as well as absorbs sweat. This helps the rider to remain dry and cool throughout the journey. Both liner and paddings are washable and removable.

All in all, this helmet which is approved by DOT has almost every features to consider it as the best motorcycle helmet for passenger.


Yema YM 829 motorcycle helmet

YEMA YM-829 motorcycle helmet distinguishes itself as a quality feature helmet with a design that is appropriate for every kind of ride. Also, it is suitable for both riders- motorcycle driver and motorcycle passenger too. But as we are talking here about the best passenger helmet for motorcycle, we will check the details in this connection.

The Shell of this helmet is made of ABS and Multi-density EPS, which makes it lightweight, durable and comfortable. The high performing materials used to construct the shell absorb the impact from external forces including drops, crashes, and collisions with full potential. The aerodynamic design of this helmet minimizes wind resistance to give more smoothness of riding for passenger.

The Shield of YEMA YM-829 motorcycle helmet offers the passenger a dual visor system that provides for an extra measure of protection. The inner, retractable smoked visor protects the passenger riders from sun glare, while the outer clear shield protects them from flying debris, dust and bugs. The outer visor anti-scratch and UV resistant with a wide range of vision. It can be easily removed and reinstalled according to the convenience of the passenger.

The ventilation system of this motorcycle helmet is designed to provide constant, light airflow to the passenger rider. This helps the passenger stay cool and comfortable during rides. Ventilation can be adjusted by opening or closing the intake and exhaust vents. These vents are operable with gloves on, which is helpful for riders who wear gloves for winter riding.

The liner and pads of the helmet have been carefully designed to provide a comfortable ride. The liner can be removed for washing and replaced when clean. The pads are extra-soft and also removable and washable which ensure a comfortable fit for riders. There is an extra space so that motorcycle passengers wearing glasses can comfortably wear this helmet without having discomfort from pressure on their temples or cheekbones.

In addition to the above features, this is one of best helmets for visibility because of its white color. Good visibility helmets are always good for safety.

Approved with DOT this helmet is a perfect choice for both men and women who are looking for the best motorcycle helmet for passenger.

Triangle Unisex Adult Motorcycle Helmet

triangle unisex motorcycle helmet

It is an amazing helmet for your passenger in an affordable price. It is a full face helmet and has almost every safety features to protect the passenger when he or she is with you on motorcycle ride. Let’s see the qualities of this helmet in details to check whether it is the best helmet for a motorcycle passenger or not.

This helmet is made up of high quality ABS shell. The company has used high pressure thermoplastic technology that allows it to be much more strong and durable. This innovative technology also helps to decrease the weight of the helmet giving it a low profile. Therefore, there will not be any extra weight on neck or shoulder of the passenger throughout the journey. It is constructed with an aerodynamic design that makes it look sleek and stylish.

This Triangle Unisex full face helmet has a multi-density EPS liner that offers a comfortable fitting for head and gives ultimate safety by absorbing impact force. In another words, it will strongly protect your passenger’s head in case there is an accident. The liner and the soft pads are removable and washable, which makes it super easy to clean after long rides.

Ventilation is important for any helmet, but especially when it is for your passenger. This motorcycle helmet has carefully designed air vents to provide riders with maximal airflow, so it feels cool and they don’t sweat or get tired. It also helps them avoid sudden changes in ambient temperature, which can affect their mood and physical health.

The visor of this helmet is made with polycarbonate material which makes it durable, functional, and very transparent. The shield has a very clear view and as it anti-scratch its clarity remains unaffected. The face shield is super easy to remove and install which allows freedom of use to the passenger.

The helmet is equipped with the quick release buckle system. This quick release is very much important specially in the time of any mishap.

This unique helmet fulfils and meets the DOT FMVSS-218 safety standards. Moreover it is first tested and then approved by ACT Labs.

All the above mentioned qualities plus the affordable price makes this helmet the best motorcycle helmet for passenger.

AHR RUN-F Full Face Helmet

ahr run f helmet by bestesthelmet

The first thing you should know about the AHR RUN-F full face helmet is that it is designed for people who are looking for both safety and quality. This high-end motorcycle helmet is perfect for those who are in search for best helmet for passenger on motorcycle. It is an excellent choice of motorcyclists, suitable for personal or professional use, or simply as a gift to someone else. AHR RUN-F Helmet is a great choice for riders of all levels and experience.

The shell of this motorcycle helmet has been designed to have the lightest weight possible while still being strong enough to withstand impacts. It became possible because it is constructed with upgraded lightweight ABS material. Is is also engineered with the streamlined aerodynamic design so that it reduces wind noise and drag to the next level.

It has dual visor system to provide the both- clear visibility and protection from sun glare. The outer shield is made of tough and high quality elastic stuff for maximum impact resistance. It is created to be easy to wipe clean and difficult to break. The clear visor offers a wide range of vision so that the passengers have unobstructed view of surroundings. The UV resistant inner sun visor keeps your eyes safe from the harsh beam of sun rays. The sun visor is adjustable which can be set with the help of a switch according to the convenience of passenger-rider.

As far as ventilation is concerned, AHR RUN-F motorcycle helmet has a ventilation system which consists of 3 vents. The first two vents are located on the front of the helmet, one on either side of the visor for maximum airflow. The third vent is located at the top of the helmet to provide extra airflow to your head. This ensures that you have cool, dry air flowing around your head, even when you are riding in hot conditions.

The helmet is designed to keep the rider comfortable by providing a heavily cushioned interior. It features a fully vented EPS liner for optimum air circulation and antibacterial material to help prevent bacteria growth. The liner and chick pads are removable and washable, so you need not to worry about hygiene of your passenger.

It is also equipped with reinforced chin strap and quick release buckle to enhance the safety of your passenger. Its DOT approval ensures that this helmet posses all minimum safety features to protect the rider on the road. So, I think, you got another best motorcycle helmet for your passenger.

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0015 Full Face Helmet

fuel motorcycle helmet

This is the fifth and the last helmet in the list of best motorcycle helmets for adult men women passengers. Though last but not at all least. Most of the motorcyclists who are using this helmet gave us mostly positive remarks on this helmet. Speaking truly, this helmet won our heart at first glance when we took this helmet to assess.

The shell construction of this helmet is made of high performing and lightweight thermoplastic material. This material is not only impact resistant but also makes the helmet durable. The speciality of the outer shell is that it has the coating of UV resistant paint to minimise the heating of the helmet.

The interior of this Fuel helmet is well furnished with soft padding that aims to provide maximum comfort. The liner and pads are removable and washable for hygiene. This helmet has been made with the intention of giving riders the best experience possible while also ensuring their safety.

Ventilation is a key factor in any motorcycle helmet, that’s why Fuel chose to use dual top vent diffusers that allow for maximum flow of fresh air. The chin and brow vents are made adjustable for convenient airflow. The passenger can close and open these vents as per her/his requirement. This will help the passenger to remain cool and fresh all along the journey.

With the face shield this helmet, you won’t have to worry about getting your face scratched by debris or sunrays. It has a quick release shield which is easy to take off and put on in case the passenger wish to do so. Though, fogging problem is detected, it will not fog up when you keep the vents open for air circulation.

The helmet is approved by DOT and meets FMVSS 218 safety standards which is necessary for the safety of your passenger.

Overall, this head gear can proved to be the best motorcycle helmet for passenger in very affordable price.

Now, you have the list of 5 best motorcycle helmets for kid or teenage passenger if your passenger comes under this age group.

5 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Passenger- For kids/teenagers

Typhoon Youth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Typhoon Youth full face helmet

Typhoon motorcycle helmets are designed to provide excellent safety and performance. This motorcycle helmet from Typhoon is a suitable choice if your passenger is a kid or teenager. There are small to x-large sizes to choose from. But we will have to check whether this is perfect as the best motorcycle helmet for kid passenger by looking into its features.

The helmet outer shell is made from high-performing polycarbonate ABS which is a durable material with shock absorbing quality. The helmet weighs 3 pounds. So, definitely it is not suitable for too young kids but perfect for the kids above 5 years old. The lining and pads of the helmet are made with advanced foam and fabrics that is comfortable to your skin and will not irritate to your kid passenger. They are also removable and washable to keep the helmet clean and fresh.

The vents on this helmet are strategically placed to ensure maximum air flow inside the helmet for more breathable comfort. There are main intake vents on chin bar, brow and on the top. In addition to this there is a rear vent port. All these vents provide a good amount of air circulation inside the helmet. The adjustable chin and brow ventilation can be configured to meet the need of your kid passenger.

The micro ratcheting clear polycarbonate face shield offers proper protection from dust, insect other outer flying objects in the air. It is a flip-up shield which gives freedom of open ventilation to your young passenger. The shield has multiple position points for the convenience of holding height of the shield. Additionally, an anti-scratch hard coating protects against scratches caused by dust or debris which is important for a clear vision.

It is approved by DOT. So, there is no worry of the safety standard of the helmet. The protection quality and the price together make it best motorcycle helmet for kid passenger.

LS2 Helmets Rapid Mini Youth Medium

LS2 helmets rapid mini machine youth medium

When it come to safety of kid or teenager passenger, you should not compromise with price or anything. Helmets are the best way to get the protection that your child needs while riding with you on your motorcycle. LS2 Helmets Youth Medium is a perfect choice for kids aged 10-12 years old because it has a comfortable fit and lightweight design.

The shell of this helmet is constructed out of High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology (HPTT) that makes the helmet lightweight and durable. This technology also provides potential impact protection to the head of the user. This is the thing one expects for kid passenger.

The interior of the helmet is designed to provide maximum comfort and great fitting. It has EPS liner that helps in protection from shocks. The thick and soft paddings of this motorcycle helmet provide comfort to your kid passenger all the while on motorcycle. They are removable and washable for regular cleanliness.

The ventilation of this helmet is fully adjustable to give required airflow according to the wish of the rider. There are multiple dynamic vent ports for the intake of fresh air to keep your motorcycle passenger cool even in hot conditions. There is rear vent port for the exit of hot and humid air. Its EPS channelled ventilation makes it more effective. This makes it a better motorcycle passenger helmet.

This LS2 helmet face shield is optically correct and scratch resistant. It also has a UV protected coating which will keep your kid/teenager passenger protected from the sun’s harmful rays. There is also a pinlock system installed for fog free vision. The quick change system means changing one shield for another takes seconds!

Last important thing but not the least, it has quick release strap which is very important in time of emergency. It also give a secure fit to your dear motorcycle passenger.

It is approved by DOT that means it has passed minimum safety test in the lab to protect rider’s head.

HJC CL-Y Youth Helmet

HJC Helmets CL Y Youth Helmet

There are many helmets in the market but HJC CL-Y Youth Helmet has become one of the most popular ones because it is safe, technologically advanced and comfortable. It is the best motorcycle helmet for passenger of your kids with its quality features. It has a universal sizing that is adjustable to the head size of the child. Let’s see some of its main features in details.

HJC CL-Y Youth Helmet is designed for children. It is made with advanced lightweight polycarbonate composite shell construction that provides the best protection to the head in any collision. The polycarbonate shell is both durable and lightweight, and thus provides superior protection and comfort without hindering the movement of the rider’s head. The helmet is designed with an optimized shape that we believe will fit most children’s heads.

The advanced CAD technology is used in this helmet to design its interior. It has an innovative multiple density EPS liner which ensures that there is less force on the skull of rider while he/she is getting hit by an object, which in turn reduces the chances of getting hurt. The interior including plush, Nylex and soft pads ensure that the riders have maximum comfort when wearing this helmet. They are also washable and removable so you don’t have to worry about its cleanliness.

It features an integrated ventilation system that is made up of side vents and adjustable forehead and chinbar vents. The vents are strategically placed to provide maximum airflow especially when it comes to fresh air breathing of your junior passengers. That means teenagers can ride all day without feeling claustrophobic and sweaty at the end of your ride. The exit vents also allow air to circulate which is important in hotter climates and during intense rides.

The face shield of the helmet is speciality made with large eye port design so that young riders have maximum visibility to enjoy the surrounding. The shield is optically superior with 3D hard coating for clear view and is anti-scratch for more durability. It not only protects young passengers from dust and insects but also gives 95% UV protection to their eyes.

This DOT approved helmet is popular among youths and teenagers because of its special qualities and affordable price.

WOW Motorcycle Full Face Helmet BMX MX Youth Kids

wow motorcycle helmet for kids

The WOW Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Street Bike BMX MX Youth Kids is a perfect choice for kids, teenagers and youths. It has three size ranges from small to large, and will be a great protective gear as for as best motorcycle helmet for passenger. The helmet is available in many colors and graphics considering young age choice.

The shell is made of thermoplastic alloy, which is strong, lightweight and durable. It is designed in such a way that it is aerodynamic and provides protection for kids. The shell has been specially designed to reduce the wind noise. In fact, the strength to absorb impact and lightweightness of shell are the most required qualities in the helmets meant for kids.

The face shield of kid’s full face helmet is made from the latest technology materials and technically colored to make it more beautiful. It has a glossy UV protective finish, which not only protects young passengers from dust and insects but also protects their delicate eyes from harmful UV rays.

The ventilation system is straightforward and easily accessible. The helmet features 3 position ventilation channel system at the top and front of the helmet. These vents will keep your young passenger’s head cool during hot summer days because it’s made for tough weather conditions. It can be used both in summer and winter with no difficulty whatsoever, because it is multi-seasonal, giving the rider protection all year round against hot or cold weather.

The quality of liner and pads of this helmet is excellent. The interior of the helmet which is made of these pads and liner is comfortable for kids. They not only give smoothness to skin but also play an important role in fitting and impact protection. The pad are removable so that you can wash the frequently to keep it neat and clean for your kid passenger.

The has got DOT approval for safety standard. So it ensures that your kid passenger is safe with this helmet on road.

GMAX GM-49Y Beasts Youth

Gmax GM 49Y beasts

You may have noticed that we have given names of only full face helmet because we are talking about best motorcycle helmet for kid passengers. And only full face helmets can give proper protection to kids. Hence, in this list our team added another good motorcycle helmet meant for youth passengers.

GMAX GM-49Y Beasts Youth Full-Face Helmet has a shell made from a thermoplastic alloy. This material is lighter in weight yet strong and less rigid than any low class plastic. This makes the helmet more comfortable to wear, while still giving a high level of protection. It also features eye-catching graphics and colors on the shell so it will be easier to spot your kid when he is out riding with you on your motorcycle sitting behind you. This is called visibility of helmet, an important safety factor to avoid collision.

There are a number of features in this helmet that have been designed with comfort of kids in mind. Interior of the helmet is one of them. Adjustable interior and soft cheek pads are meant for desired fitting and comfortable riding. Cheek pads are removable so that the helmet can be kept clean for regular use.

The face shield is made of high quality material to offer clear vision. It is quite wide so that kids should enjoy every bit of surrounding through their helmet. It is fully adjustable to keep the face open to enjoy fresh air or it can be flip down to protect face from dust and insects.

The ventilation of this helmet is simple yet effective. The chin vent and forehead vents provide intake of fresh air while the rear vents exit hot and humid air from the helmet. In this way, there is circulation of cool and fresh air inside the helmet to keep the kid passenger always refreshed throughout the riding.

It is approved by DOT and can be used for on road and off-road motorcycling. So, apart from being the best passenger motorcycle helmet for kids, it is actually made for multi-purpose use such as use in ATV, UTV, dirt bike and street motorcycle.

Common Q n A For best passenger motorcycle helmet

What makes a motorcycle helmet best for passenger?

It is important to purchase a motorcycle helmet not only for yourself but also for your passenger. Make sure the same safety standards apply to both helmets and that you don’t compromise on size or features of the motorcycle helmet for your passenger.

There are many factors that go into the decision and these are the factors that make a motorcycle helmet best for passenger. They are as follows-

Shell material and design:

The strength and durability of motorcycle helmet is depended on the shell of a helmet. The most popular and best material for the construction of helmet shell are- Carbon fibre, KPA or ABS. A motorcycle passenger helmet should have any of these materials for best head protection. In addition to this it should have aerodynamic design for wind resistance.

Interior and comfort:

The liners and pads should be made of the best material to maintain the health of the wearer. It should also have antimicrobial properties to resist bacterial growth, which is common in helmets. Best quality liner and pads provide proper shock absorption and comfort.


Another factor that makes a motorcycle helmet best for passenger is its proper ventilation. There should be enough vent ports. The vents need to be adjustable so that they can be adjusted depending on the rider’s preference and also for temperature control. It is also important that these vents are easy to operate.

Quality of visors:

A visor and a sun visor on a helmet should be of top quality and should provide clear vision. Generally the passengers on motorcycle tends to enjoy the road view and nature and the surroundings. The use of anti-scratch, anti-fog and UV resistant materials in face shield and sun visor makes the passenger motorcycle helmet excellent.

Noise control:

The motorcycle passengers surely would not like a helmet that makes much noise. Therefore, a helmet having aerodynamic design, having thick pads, properly placed rear vents, good face shield fitting will be better.

DOT approval:

A helmet claiming all safety features but not approved by DOT is useless. If you are serious about motorcycle passenger helmet, it must have DOT approval. This approval ensures that the particular helmet passed minimum safety standards and is safe for motorcycle riding.

What size motorcycle helmet should I get for passenger?

The actual answer is ‘There is no such size’ and the tricky answer is ‘A medium size helmet.’ Just because adult helmet medium size ranges from 22.44 to 22.83 inches and it the most average head size.

It is really difficult to posses different size helmets for different passengers. However, there is no single size that suits all the passenger. This is because passengers are from different age group and it’s hard to find a single size that fits all the passengers. And even if your motorcycle passengers are from the same age group their head sizes can be different.

So, it is better to choose a single passenger who rides with you most frequently and choose the helmet size accordingly. If you insist on one common motorcycle passenger helmet for all then may be medium size helmet. After all, it’s your own choice.

Which motorcycle helmet brand is best for passenger?

The honest answer to this question is, ‘There is no such brand.’ If saying spade a space, it’s a particular helmet having quality features with quality materials which best for motorcycle passengers and not a brand. You can choose helmets from our list of helmets meant for passengers because they are having good features and affordable too.

Every brand has a price range and accordingly they use material to build a helmet. Therefore, if you have budget for a costly helmet you should certainly go for it. Otherwise you should choose such a helmet which has best protective and comfort quality within the range of your pocket.

Is it compulsory by law to wear motorcycle passenger helmet?

In most of the states, the department of transportation made it compulsory to wear helmet for the motorcycle driver and the passenger under a certain age limit. Somewhere under 18 and somewhere under 21 or 25 years old motorcycle driver and passenger must wear a helmet. But it is quite surprising thing to wait for any law to protect your own life or life your passenger when safety is in your own hands. A helmet can save your in the time of an accident and not any law. So why to think of any law to wear motorcycle passenger helmet when it important to save the life?


Wearing a motorcyclehelmet is as important for a passenger as it is for a driver. Therefore, the same criteria should be applied when you find the best motorcycle helmet for passenger. The number of motorcycle passenger fatalities has been on a steady rise. The accident data shows that passengers are less protected from injury. So, it is your duty to make your passenger wear a helmet of his or her size. Mostly, the passengers are your own kith and kins. Their safety is your responsibility when they ride with on your motorcycle.

Therefore, don’t be too late to make a decision to get a motorcycle passenger helmet. Make sure that it is one of the best passenger helmets with quality protection and comfort features like we have given in the list. So, what are waiting for? Go, get it and have safe and wonderful ride with your passenger!

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