Full Face Helmet That Converts to Open Face : Best 5 Picks

Traditional full face helmets have been the go-to helmet types for riders for a long while. They are also the most protective type of helmets. However, they have a number of disadvantages associated with them. That is why a motorcyclist wants a full face helmet that converts to open face.

Some of the most common issues with full face helmets that lead to take this decision are:

They do not provide enough ventilation which can result in very high temperatures inside the helmet just after a few minutes of riding. This can lead the riders to severe dehydration and even heat stroke.

The noise from wind blowing over the top of full face helmet has been known to cause headaches and fatigue.

It cannot be used in certain situations such as when there is rain or fog, or if you need to take your glasses on and off frequently throughout the day.

Full face helmet that converts to open face offers an alternative to solve some of these issues. In fact we are talking about modular helmets that give this facility.

5 Reasons Why Riders Want a Full Face Helmet That Converts to Open Face

Traditional full face helmets may be the standard option for motorcycle riders, but practically they some issues. The new generation expects some more from a full face helmet. We first see the reasons in short, why they want full face helmet that converts to open face.

The weight of the helmet:

A full face helmet may seem like the best option to keep your head safe but it is usually quite bulky and heavy. An open-face helmet is much lighter which makes it easier for your neck muscles to support its weight for longer periods of time. The combination of the twos is a better option. That is why modular helmets are more comfortable.

Better Airflow:

Full face helmet that converts to open face i.e. modular provides more airflow than a closed one does, which makes it easier to ride in hot weather condition. Because of better ventilation there is less sweating on your face. That keeps you cool and free from fatigue through out your journey.

Wide vision:

An open-face helmet provides better visibility than a full face one does. You can see traffic lights before they turn red and get better awareness of your surroundings when driving through traffic than with a full-face. Flip up helmets provides this facility. With modular or flip up helmet you have a wider field of vision. This is especially helpful when navigating through traffic or more treacherous terrain.


Some people say that a full face helmet makes it difficult to communicate with other riders. And that is somewhat true too. With an open-face helmet you can easily communicate with fellow bikers or pedestrians while keeping your head cool at the same time. There is lot more scope to use communication system in modular helmet as compare to full face helmet.

Portability / Handling:

Open Face helmets are a lot more good to handle outside when driving ends. This is specially good for those who are forgetful. There is no need to take the helmet off your head when you stop for buy or eat. Also, the chance of being stolen is none as you can keep open face helmet always on your head in such situations. The flip up or modular helmets provides the same functionality.

Best 5 Full Face Helmets That Convert to Open Face

If you feel like you are missing out on the open-face motorcycle ride, it is time to switch from a full face helmet to an open one. But wait a second. There is no need to give up full face helmets at all. You just need a combination of full face and open face in one helmet. You can easily get a full face helmet that converts to open face. These helmets are actually modular type of helmets. These convertible helmets give you the option of riding with your full face or open face helmet. They give you the freedom and versatility that a traditional full-face helmet cannot provide.

We have already discussed about motorcycle helmets with removable chin bar to make the helmet open face in another post. That is the case of detachable full face helmet. Here will talk only about the best lightweight full face helmets that convert to open face by flipping up.

Bell SRT Modular Helmet

bell srt hemet

Bell SRT Modular Helmet is a helmet that features a new design that is both contemporary and functional. This helmet is perfect for those who require a full face helmet that convert to open face, It is a lightweight and versatile protective headgear.

This helmet has a lightweight, fiberglass shell construction. The fiberglass is lighter and stronger than a polycarbonate. The shell of this helmet is designed to withstand the high-speed impacts of motorcycle accidents.

With its innovative design, Bell provides best hand-operated face shield. The outer clear visor protects from dust, insects and other elements. It has class one optics, and drop down inner sun shield too. This tinted sun visor protects riders efficiently from UV sun rays.

The ventilation system is good enough. It has properly placed airflow vents that circulates fresh air through the helmet and can also be closed for warmth.

Bell SRT Modular Helmet has a flip up chin bar that convert this helmet to open face. Just by flipping up the chin bar, you can enjoy this helmet as an open face helmet.

One of the most attractive features about the Bell SRT Modular Helmets is its removable head liner, so it can be washed to maintain hygiene. The padding is made up of nylon mesh and microsuede covered padding which makes for a soft and comfortable feel so you can wear it for longer periods of time without any discomfort. It has recessed EPS speaker pockets for better communication system installment.

This helmet has DOT FMVSS No. 218 safety standards approval.

Shoei Neotec II Helmet

Shoei Neotec II helmet

The Neotec II is a hybrid of a full face, open face and modular helmet. It pleases all kinds of buyers as it can be used as both a full face helmet and an open face helmet. This exactly acts as full face helmet that converts to open face.

The Shoei Neotec II helmet is designed to offer maximum protection for the head. A composite shell construction offers a weight reduction of around 30% compared to the original Neotec helmet design.

The shell is made up of five layers of material, each with its own special characteristics. The inner layers are made up of organic fibers and resin to provide comfort and stability, while the outer layer is made up of fiberglass to provide strength.

Shoei’s newest design is an integrated spoiler on their helmet shell, which provides an added degree of rear head protection while at speed and also improves aerodynamics during high speeds. It reduces wind resistance and increases stability. The innovative noise reduction feature will definitely give you an ease of driving.

The Shoei Neotec II Helmet is designed for riders who need to change their helmet configuration in order to ride in different types of weather conditions. When you need an open-face configuration, this helmet will allow you to do so in less than 15 seconds with the flip-up chin bar. The Lightweight chin bar rotate with smooth precision on a variable eccentric-axis which ensures that the chin bar opens and closes precisely. This helmet provides new dual locking system of Shoei which ensures a greater safety when it on full open position.

The first thing you notice when you wear it, is the large upper and lower vent shutters which can be opened or closed as required. It also has an expanded 3-position upper air intake which directs cool air into the helmet from above and hot air out through exhaust vents at its rear. Overall the ventilation of this helmet is praiseworthy.

With clear shield you’ll have a distortion-free view and be able to ride in the rain without getting your head wet. Yes, it has airtight window beading drains. EVO fog-resistant system also helps keep it fog-free, making it perfect for driving in winter or in foggy days. Built-in QSV-1 and 3D injection-molded inner sun visor protects from UV rays as well as gives best view.

Other features including pinlock system, intercom ready design, quick removable chinstrap will win your heart. Last but important, it is a DOT certified helmet.

HJC i90 – Davan

hjc i90 davan helmet

Whether you’re commuting to work, going on a long-distance ride, or popping out for a quick ride around the block or neighbourhood, HJC has a helmet to suit all your needs. The i90 davan is a premium convertible motorcycle helmet that’s versatile and safe. It has been designed with innovative features and has a reasonable price.

The HJC i90 Davan motorcycle helmet has a shell construction of Advanced Polycarbonate Composite material, which is lightweight and comfortable. This provides safety for the riders while being an excellent shock absorber. This helmet is engineered using state-of-the-art CAD technology to make it strong and safe.

The advanced ventilation system of the HJC i90 davan is designed to keep your head cool and dry by maximizing air flow through seven intake vents. Two exhaust vents at the spoiler make the humid air get out. Thus it has circulation of fresh air inside all the time while driving.

The liner and padding of this helmet is designed with comfort in mind. This helmet provides a comfortable liner and soft pads that wick away moisture and keeps you dry. The liner has antibacterial properties to help with any odor and to protect you from any infection.

The face shield is built with modern technology to give active protection against the wind, dust and other elements. With its wider peripheral vision you get a-all-round view of the road. This helmet has the outer shield with RapidFire quick change system. This system allows them to quickly switch out the visor on their helmets with another one. The inner sun visor is medium smoked that protects the eyes from UV rays. So, if you are riding early in the morning or in late evening, there is no such difficulty of vision.

This HJC i90 helmet has a chin bar that can be opened for full ventilation, which is good for the riders who are wearing eyeglasses. And it also has a safe lock system to prevent the chin bar from opening by accident. The opening button is located under the middle of chin bar, so it can be easily operated with gloves on or with wet hands in rain or snow conditions. This is the button that converts full face helmet to open face.

Nolan N100-5

Nolan N100-5 helmet

Nolan N100-5 motorcycle helmet is a one of the best helmet that can be converted into an open face. This is helpful for those who want to enjoy the breeze and the sun while they ride. The Nolan N100-5 motorcycle helmet is designed with Italian elegance and design.

It has a gorgeous looking shell which is made out of molded polycarbonate Lexan. This material is proven to be strong yet lightweight. It has also a high performance against impact. Indeed, the quality materials used in this helmet make it one of the strongest helmets in the market.

The liner is made of high performing material for comfort and shock absorption. There are thick pads for soothing effect. Both, the liner and padding is removable and washable so that you will get better hygiene for every ride. Moisture wicking liner prevents you from getting tired and keeps you cool even in hot weather. Antibacterial quality of the liner protects you from any skin infection caused by dust and sweating.

Unlike most other helmets that use a single latch to secure the chin guard, Nolan’s N100-5 helmet employs dual-action. The double latch system is safe and simple to operate. It can be operated even when wearing gloves. There are two buttons on the front of the chin bar – one for opening and one for locking it open or closed. It features a P/J locking switch which is important for safety.

This helmet offers AirBooster ventilation system. It has a front vent on the chin bar that allows air to flow directly in, which is important because it prevents fogging from the warm air from circulating around the visor. The top air vent helps to circulate fresh air inside the helmet. The front and the top vent can be closed or opened, depending on your preference.

The outer visor of Nolan N100-5 helmet is large and wide. Thus it offers a wider vision or view than the previous versions of the helmet. This visor also comes with Pin Lock and anti fog lens which are added features to make it more efficient. Having anti fog lens which means that it can be used in different weather conditions without hassle. The inner sun visor has four steps openings which is designed for perfect fitting for different face sizes.

LS2 Helmets Valiant II

ls2 valliant 2 helmet

LS2 has been in the industry for a long time and has been trusted by the riders from all over the world. It has been designing and manufacturing helmets with premium features coping with the modern era. LS2 Helmets Valiant II is one of them. Truly, this stylish helmet is for the new generation. It has a sleek design, is very affordable, and comes with premium features.

The LS2 Valiant II helmets are made from a proprietary Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) that is both strong and ultra-light weight. It has a prompt impact absorption quality that absorbs the energy of any impact to make sure your head stays protected.

The Liner and padding of the LS2 Valiant II Helmet is a new design that reduces helmet weight without compromising safety. It also provides greater comfort for riders with less pressure on the head, neck, and face. The helmet has thermo form comfort paddings. Apart from giving comfort, they keep the helmet snugly fit on your head.

The Liner is made of a breathable fabric that wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep the rider cool and relaxed. It is designed to accommodate a range of head shapes and sizes for a perfect fit and excellent performance. However, it is always better to measure your head size and buy accordingly. Paddings and liner are removable and washable to keep hygiene.

The LS2 Valiant II helmet features a number of vents that help keep you cool and comfortable while riding. One large vent on the chin bar, another one on top front side and two rear vents to exhaust warm air out. These vents can be opened or closed depending on how fresh cool you want to be. The vent on the chin bar and top front vent of the helmet work together to provide maximum airflow.

The LS2 Valiant II Helmet is designed with a twin shield system that allows the user to see through both shields without any distortion. It also provide full peripheral vision with maximum visibility. The clear Lexan screen offers anti-scratch protection for added durability. The quality of the inner sun visor is pretty well. There is special system of cable slider to operate the visor.

The helmet also works well with noise reduction with the help of chin skirt and thick padding. You can also operate your communication or bluetooth system easily with this helmet. This DOT approved helmet is popular because of its features and affordable price.

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