10 best Motorcycle Helmet Sleeve 2023

Helmet sleeve is one of the best way to protect helmet also while spreading fun and love. It is also the best way to show the identity and stand out on the road. Helmet sleeves is also known as helmet covers. Actually, it was made to keep the motorcycle helmet safe from dust, debris or other external element so that there would be no scratches on it. Now these days it is mainly used for enjoyment and enhancing riding style.

Helmet cover sleeves are mainly used in Christmas and holloween. However, in this modern age no one waits for these occasions. Whenever they want to make fun with ride they use helmet sleeves.

In this article, we will introduce you top 10 funny motorcycle helmet cover sleeves that are available on the market today. But first of all, let’s check out what kind of sleeves are popular among young rider.

Kinds of helmet sleeve

Animal head helmet cover sleeves: These funny helmet covers feature a variety of animal heads, including lion, bear, and gorilla etc. They are stylish, colorful and full of fun.

Viking helmet cover sleeve: This helmet cover features a Viking design with horns and braids. These motorcycle helmet covers are also very popular among young generation.

Santa Claus helmet sleeve: This festive helmet sleeve is perfect during Christmas and other holiday seasons. It has a Santa Claus design with a white beard and red hat.

Clown helmet sleeve: This funny helmet cover features a clown design with a colorful wig and big red nose. This is a good way to attract people and make them laugh.

Pirate helmet sleeve: This swashbuckling helmet cover includes a pirate design with an eye patch, skull and crossbones. It may be available in full pirate design or just pirate symbols on it.

Alien helmet sleeve: This funny helmet cover is designed with big black eyes and a green or blue face. It is easily available on the market.

Emoji helmet sleeve: This fun helmet cover are manufactured using popular emoji designs. It includes emojis like laughing face, teasing face, sunglasses face and other famous emojis.

10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Sleeve for Boys and Girls

1) Carbon Moto Gear Motorcycle Helmet Cover Sleeve: Panda

panda helmet sleeve motorcycle

If you’re looking for a way to add some humor to your riding style, Panda Carbon Moto Gear helmet cover sleeve is the perfect option. This unique sleeve is shaped like a panda. It looks so funny that it is sure it will create laughter. It is made from durable polyester material. This panda helmet cover is soft and long lasting. Its eye-catching funny design will certainly change your riding style.

This motorcycle helmet cover is not only a fun accessory, but it also improves your safety while riding. The distinctive shape of the cover increases your visibility. That makes it easier for other drivers to see you on the road. Plus, it is designed to fit most of the full-face helmets. Moreover, its installation on the helmet is very easy.

The Panda Carbon Moto Gear Motorcycle Helmet Cover is both practical and amusing. It has enough space to accommodate your visor to offer your maximum road view. It you think that wearing helmet is a boring then you can try this helmet sleeve.

Additionally, its eye-catching funny design will certainly grab attention of people on the road. So, if you are a social media user, you can use it to get more views.

2) Junqin Motorcycle Helmet Cover Sleeve: Beige Goat

funny motorcycle helmet covers Junqin goat

The Junqin goat motorcycle helmet cover is a funny and unique accessory that you can add to your full-face helmet. It is made of soft cotton. This helmet sleeve which is designed in goat shape makes people laugh and notice you.

It is super easy to put on and put off your helmet. This cover can be fit to most full-face helmets. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the size. Also, a wide area is provided for the visor. So, you get absolute clear view of the road through the visor.

The Junqin goat motorcycle helmet cover is not only amusing but practical also. It helps you to become more visible to other drivers on the road. Other vehicle drivers will notice you more easily. So, it also protects you from accident.

Wearing this accessory can also help you make new friends. People will see the cover and want to take pictures or videos with you for social media. You yourself can make many funny posts.

In conclusion, the Junqin goat motorcycle helmet cover is a funny and practical addition to your motorcycle gear. It’s easy to use, fits most helmets and makes you more noticeable.

3) ZQDDBA Pumpkin Motorcycle Helmet Cover

ZQDDBA pumpkin halloween motorcycle helmet covers

ZQDDBA Pumpkin motorcycle helmet cover sleeve is a unique accessory for your helmet that resembles a pumpkin. This is one of the best halloween motorcycle helmet covers I have ever seen. It is made of high-quality polyester. Therefore, it is both long-lasting and rich looking.

In addition to its amusing design, the helmet cover can also increase your visibility and safety while riding. The pumpkin shape is striking and can capture the attention of other drivers, ensuring that you remain safe on the road. Furthermore, the cover has a universal fit that can effortlessly fit most full-face helmets. It is also easy to install.

ZQDDBA Pumpkin motorcycle helmet sleeve has enough space for your visor. And that allows you to ride comfortably without obstructions. If you want to improve the appearance and safety of your helmet, get this funny helmet cover for a more enjoyable and secure ride.

To sum up, this helmet sleeve is an amusing and durable helmet cover that can increase your visibility and safety while riding. It has a universal fit and is easy to install, making it an effortless addition to any full-face helmet.

4) Moto Loot helmet sleeve: Chicken

chicken helmet sleeve

The Moto Loot Chicken helmet cover is a humorous accessory for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to add some fun to their ride. This helmet sleeve is made of the excellent ABS material. It is designed in the shape of a chicken which looks so funny when we put it on the helmet.

One of the benefits of the Moto Loot Chicken helmet cover is that it can increase the rider’s visibility on the road. Its unique design and bright yellow color make it stand out, which can be helpful in heavy traffic or low-light conditions.

The installation and removal of the helmet cover are easy, thanks to its stretchy material that can fit almost any full-face helmet. You can install on the helmet or remove it in seconds.

The Moto Loot Chicken helmet cover is also a great gift idea for riders. You can offer it as a present in birthdays or in any happy events. This helmet cover will definitely bring smile on the face of the host.

In short, the Moto Loot Chicken helmet cover is a creative idea for customizing your motorcycle gear. It adds humor to your ride and increases your visibility on the road.

5) Moto Loot helmet sleeve: Pirate

motorcycle helmet head sleeve pirate

A pirate helmet cover is an entertaining and distinctive way to customize your motorcycle gear. It comes with a skull and crossbones emblem and a black bandana, making it a perfect accessory for pirate lovers.

Besides bringing a fun aspect to your ride, the helmet cover has practical benefits too. It shields your helmet from dust and scratches while driving, preserving its original condition. Constructed from high-quality ABS material, the cover is simple to attach and remove. Also, its design enhances visibility on the road, adding an extra safety layer.

This pirate motorcycle helmet cover sleeve is a fantastic gift for someone who is fond of pirate stories. In this regard, many people consider it as a helmet sleeve for kids. But you must check the size first.

Like the other helmet sleeves, this cover can also help you to increase your views on social media platforms if you make videos wearing it. So, isn’t is funny idea?

6) SJAPEX Helmet Sleeve Cover: Bunny

SJAPEX motorcycle helmet covers bunny

SJAPEXBunny helmet cover is an extraordinary and amusing accessory for motorcycle riders. This sleeve looks like a bunny and is made from a robust material called ABS. It not only bring laughter to people but also gives you a satisfaction to make other people happy.

This helmet sleeve is very convenient to wear and remove. Additionally, it serves to protect the helmet from scratches and other kinds of harm. Most of the time it is seen that motorcycle helmets start looking old after some days. In such cases, this motorcycle helmet cover can help you a lot maintain your helmet.

Specially, Bunny helmet cover is ideal for young riders who desire to have a good time with their riding. It is also a useful thing as it helps riders to become more visible on the road. This way it reduces the risk of accidents. More interestingly, you can use it to make comedy posts for YouTube or Instagram.

All in all, the Bunny helmet cover is an excellent way to add humor and individuality to your motorcycle gear. It’s user-friendly, shields your helmet, and brightens people’s day with a smile.

7) SJAPEX Modular Full Face Helmet Cover (Unicorn Style)

SJAPEX fuzzy motorcycle helmet covers

The SJAPEX baby unicorn style motorcycle helmet cover is a cute and stylish accessory that can add a touch of your interesting personality to your motorcycle gear. You just put it on the helmet and it transforms the helmet into adorable unicorn head. It is made of high-quality materials and therefore, it is durable and lightweight.

This cover features a soft and plush unicorn horn, colorful rainbow mane and small ears and a cute nose. It has secure elastic band that keeps it in place while riding. This helmet cover is perfect for anyone who loves unicorns. Surely, it adds a lot of fun in your riding, for you and others too.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, this SJAPEX helmet cover sleeve also contributes to road safety. It protects the helmet from scratches, dust and other elements flying in the air.

Importantly, it increases your visibility on the road with contrasting colors and shape that catch the attention of other drivers.

Talking about the fitment, this head sleeve for helmet can fit perfectly on both modular as well as full face helmets. If you are a jolly person it is the best match for your helmet and personal style.

8) Carbon Moto Wink Emoji Helmet Sleeve / Cover

carbon moto wink emoji helmet sleeve

Young motorcycle riders are always finding the ways to personalize their ride. For them, Carbon Moto wink emoji helmet sleeve is the perfect way to do just that. This helmet cover is shaped like a funny wink emoji, adding a touch of humor and fun to your ride.

Aside from its unique style and look, this motorcycle helmet sleeve also serves a practical purpose. It protects your helmet from dusty air and so from scratches. So, if you want to keep your new helmet as it is or hide the faded appearance of an old helmet, it is perfect.

Carbon Moto Wink Emoji Helmet Sleeve is different from other helmet covers in its design and shape. It stands out on the road, making you easily visible to other riders. This is an added safety benefit, especially when riding in low-light conditions.

One of the benefits of using this helmet cover is that it creates a happy atmosphere wherever you go. People will start laughing when they see you on the road wearing this helmet sleeve. It also useful in making social media posts, adding some fun and personality to your feed.

This Carbon Moto helmet cover is also a great gift idea for fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. It’s a unique and practical item that the receiver will certaily appreciate.

9) Carbon Moto Helmet Sleeve / Cover: Dog

Carbon moto helmet sleeve cover

The Dog Carbon Moto Helmet Cover is a unique and adorable helmet cover shaped like a cute little dog. If you are a dog lover, this helmet cover is just for you. It not only adds a touch of cuteness to your motorcycle ride, but also provides safety.

One advantage of using this motorcycle helmet cover is that it creates a happy atmosphere wherever you go. People will start laughing because of the cute dog design. If you use social media and want to post extraordinay images or videos, this helmet cover sleeve will help you.

Most importantly, it makes you visible on the road and therefore there are very less chances of hitting. The bright and unique design of the Dog Carbon Moto Helmet Cover catches the attention of other drivers. And that is important for safety. Additionally, the helmet cover helps protect your helmet from dust and scratches, keeping it looking new for longer.

Using the Dog Carbon Moto Helmet Cover is safe and there are no safety concerns or regulations related to using a helmet cover as long as it’s used properly. In fact, it can make you safer by enhancing your visibility on the road.

Overall, the Dog Carbon Moto Helmet Cover is a great way to add a touch of cuteness and protection to your motorcycle ride. Lastly, it is a fantabulous idea if you use it as a gift to make them laugh.

10) Carbon Moto Helmet Sleeve / Cover: Devil Emoji

carbon moto devil helmet cover sleeve

The Carbon Moto Helmet Cover in devil emoji shape is a unique and fun accessory for your motorcycle helmet. It is designed to cover your helmet and create a fun and devilish look that will make people on the road laugh and smile. It also has some practical benefits.

One of the main advantages of this helmet sleeve is to increase visibility on the road. The bright red color and big eyes with standing horns make it easy for other drivers to see you and avoid any accidents. Additionally, it helps to protect your helmet from fading due to sun exposure.

Another benefit of using it is that it is perfect for taking pictures and videos for social media. Its extraordinary comic shape is sure to make your posts go viral and get more likes and comments.

The Carbon Moto Helmet Cover Devil Shape stands out from other helmet covers due to its devilish design. The red color, big eyes, and standing horns create a unique and fun look that is sure to turn heads.

It is perfect for motorcycle riders who want to create a fun and devilish look while also keeping themselves safe on the road. It also serves as a great idea if you want to give gift to any relative who has motorcycle and wears helmet.

Overall, the Carbon Moto Helmet Cover Devil Shape is functional accessory for motorcycle helmet. So, if you want to give a touch of fun to your riding, this is the helmet cover sleeve you are looking for.

Buying Guide for Helmet Sleeve

When looking for a funny motorcycle helmet cover, there are a few things to keep in mind.


If you are purchasing it for yourself, first consider the design. See that it matches your personality or sense of humor. If you like adventures then a chicken helmet sleeve will not be appropriate for you. In this case, pirate design will be a perfect match. Another thing, if you are buying it for Christmas or holloween then you should choose proper pattern and design that will suit to the occasion.

Quality of material

The second thing you should look into helmet cover is its material. If we are investing money in something it must go for a longer time. Some covers are cheap but their material quality is not good. In a few weeks they are out of use. Therefore, you must check what material is used to make helmet sleeves. ABS or good quality polyester made helmet sleeves are always good to wear. They are durable and weather-resistant.


While choosing the helmet sleeve, make sure that it is easy to install on your helmet and fits securely. Most of the helmet sleeves are made in all in one size type. However, you should check it personally. The elastic band is the most important factor in this. Make sure that it holds the helmet tightly even in the high speed.

Space for visor

Safety always comes first. The helmet sleeve should have a wide empty space for visor. It must not cover the visor. If it comes below down to your view it may lead to an accident. Therefore, a good motorcycle helmet cover has a wide area for visor.

Q&As Regarding Motorcycle Helmet Cover Sleeve

Q: Are motorcycle helmet covers legal to use while riding?

A: Yes, as long as the cover does not obstruct your vision or violate any other laws or regulations.

Q: Can I use a funny motorcycle helmet cover on any type of helmet?

A: Most helmet covers are designed to fit most standard full face motorcycle helmets. However, you should check it personally by installing it on the helmet and driving in a little bit speed. If it remain constant on its place, then it is perfect for you.

Q: Can I customize my own motorcycle helmet cover?

A: Yes, there are companies that offer customized helmet covers that allow you to create your own design. Actually, the developement of helmet cover was started by customization only.


A motorcycle helmet sleeve not only add humor but safety aslo to your riding. It also helps to celebrate festivals like Christmas and holloween in a more funny way. In this article, we have presented the top 10 options for helmet cover sleeves, so you can find one that matches your sense of humor and style. When choosing a helmet sleeve, remember to consider the design, materials, and ease of installation.

So, it was all about motorcycle helmet covers. Hope, it will help you to find your favorite one!

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