Motorcycle Armor Under Clothes: Best Way Of Protection

If you are a motorcyclist of any kind, then motorcycle safety should be your first priority. It is utterly important that you wear the proper gears when riding your motorcycle. No doubt, helmet is a necessary gear. However, other protective gears like motorcycle armor under clothes, gloves or jackets are just as important as the helmet. Here we will mainly talk about motorcycle armor under clothes.

Wearing motorcycle armor under clothes is worth the extra time and effort, if you want more safety when riding a motorcycle. This motorcycle safety gear is essential, and can mean the difference between life and death if an accident occurs. In the event of a fall, motorcycle safety clothing will protect you from flying debris, while motorbike body armor will prevent injuries from crashing to the ground.

Importance of Motorcycle Armor Under Clothes

Motorcycle body armor under clothes (MAU) is an important piece of protective gear. It is specially designed for motorcycle riders or for motorcyclists, to provide additional protection in the event of a collision or accident.

Motorcycle armor has evolved over the years. From the initial introduction of an armored suit in 1790 to the modern rider protection gear, it has been a long journey. Motorcycle Armor Underclothes (MAU) is a garment that can be worn under clothes.

The MAU is designed to cover all areas of the body that are at risk when riding a motorcycle. It provides protection from road rash, bruising, and minor cuts in case the motorcycle falls over or crashes into something.

It typically covers the chest, back, abdomen, and shoulders with protective materials such as Kevlar, leather, or Nomex. Motorcycle helmets are often integrated with the chest plate so that they can offer extra protection.

The motorcycle armor under clothes have been designed to give bikers peace of mind when on long rides, knowing they are at reduced risk of injury in the event of an accident. The MAU is breathable and lightweight, so it does not add to the rider’s discomfort while wearing it.

What are the Different Types of Motorcycle Armor Under clothes?

There are many types of motorcycle armor underclothes. Some are designed for casual wear while others are for professional protection.

Casual motorcycle armor underclothes:

These type of motorcycle armor undergarments are made to be fashionable and comfortable. They can be worn for rides shorter than 15 miles and work well in the hot weather.

Professional motorcycle armor:

These type of motorbike armor underwear is designed to protect against injury and harsh weather conditions. They aren’t as comfortable as the casual wear but they offer more protection from injury from a crash or fall.

Without sorting them into a particular type we will see some motorcycle armor underclothes(MAUs).

Armored Undershirt:

An armored undershirt is one of the most important parts of motorcycle armor under clothes .

When you’re on a motorcycle, you should always wear an armored undershirt made from a flexible fabric that doesn’t inhibit mobility. The fabric should also be breathable to prevent overheating. It’s also important to have a protective spine pad and other pads for the elbows and shoulders.

In short, it provides vital protection for your chest, back and hands. The best motorcycle armor shirt should be easy to put on and take off, as well as comfortable enough to wear all day.

Armored Underpants:

The underpants offer armored protection for your hip, leg and knee. They are also breathable which means that you don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing them.

A benefit of wearing the armored underpants over your regular underwear is that they can be used as normal underpants if need be – just remove the cover over the crotch area during use.

The material used in motorcycle armor under pants is high-grade protective foam which provides CE Level 2 protection to the user. This way you can save on not just comfort but also on safety while driving your motorcycle.

Armored Shorts:

The motorcycle armored shorts are key protective gears for motorcyclists. If you want extra protection and comfort with helmet you should go for armored shorts.

Particularly, motorcycle armored shorts are worn by motorcyclists who want to protect their hip and thigh region from the impact of the bike. As mentioned above, they come with a CE Level 2 protection, meaning they can protect against shrapnel and other impacts. It is also worth mentioning that the material used is breathable and protective at the same time – a great combination for those who love riding motorcycles during summer days. This can prove to be the best motorcycle armor vest.

In addition to motorcycle armor under clothes follwing are the motorcycle armors-

Back Armor for Motorcycle:

Back armor is a protective garment with a hard outer shell and a padding material, designed to protect area of the back from injury. The back armor can be made of plastic or composite.

The benefits of a back protector are two-fold: it will help prevent injury by absorbing the pressure from impacts and also some environmental factors such as rain and wind chill. They have been shown to reduce the severity or frequency of back pain, which is common among riders who have been involved in crashes on their

Motorcycles with European Homologation (EEC) or American Motorcycle Association (AMA) certification are required to provide a certain level of crash protection in order to be sold legally in these regions. The back armor for motorcyclists is a type of clothing that offers this kind of protection.

Chest Armor for Motorcycle:

Different types of materials are used in the production of chest armor such as leather, mesh, textile and Kevlar. They also come with different types of foam which can range from high-density foam to gel pads.

The chest armor of a motorcycle is an important safety item that can save the rider’s life in the event of an accident. The foam padding on the inside of the chest armor protects your ribs and spine while you are riding on your motorcycle. The leather or textile on the outside of chest armor ensures that it doesn’t get too hot while you are wearing it. Kevlar or high-density foam also protects against projectiles like knives and guns, which can be used by potential attackers to injure riders.

Chest Armor comes in two forms. First one is as a whole one piece to cover both sides of chest. The another form consist of two parts to cover right and left chest parts separately.

Shoulder Armor for Motorcycle:

Shoulder armor is a protective vest that is designed to protect the wearer’s shoulders and collarbone. They can be made of many materials such as foam, silicon, and Kevlar. There is a wide range of shoulder armor for motorcycle that offers protection and comfort to the rider. It is of great help to protect the rider from sholder injuries such as scrapes, sprains, and shoulder joint injury.

A shoulder armor should fit snugly on your body and it should not be too tight or too loose. You will want to wear what you are comfortable with. If it is uncomfortable or does not fit properly, then the armor will do you no good when you are in an accident. Simply, it will just fall off when you can’t move your arms due to injury. That is why you should be very careful while choosing the size also while wearing.

Elbow Armor:

Motorcycle riders tend to get more accidents on their elbows. In most of the situation they fall on their elbow resulting in serious elbow injury. We can keep our elbows safe from mishaps with the help of Elbow Armor. The elbow armor cups are made of both foam material and viscoelastic polymer that protects the rider’s elbows in the event of an accident.

The foam material in the elbow armor cups can help with shock absorption. The viscoelastic polymer will help keep the elbow armor cups in place on your arm. A proper fitting is essential if you want to get full protection from your elbow armor cups. They should be placed in such a way that it covers both your bicep and tricep for maximum safety when you are riding your motorcycle.

Some elbow armor comes with straps that allow the wearer to adjust the size of the cup according to their need. It also has a hook-and-loop strap for quick release.

Motorcycle Knee Armor Under clothes:

Knee armor is an essential requirement for motorcycle riders. The knee armor cups or shells are made of foam material and viscoelastic polymer. They are fitted on the knee area to provide maximum protection to the rider’s knees during a crash.

The foam material that forms the cups is usually made of polyethylene but Eva foam is better than polyethylene because it can absorb more impact forces than other materials.

Knee armor cups come in three types: hard, soft, and soft with inserts. The hard type is more protective than the other two because it’s made out of polycarbonate or composite material, but it can be hot and uncomfortable to wear for long periods because it doesn’t breathe well.

Soft knee armor cups are made out of foam or viscoelastic polymer that conforms to the rider’s body shape. They are always comfortable, but they offer less protection than hard cups because they don’t have as much coverage area.

Motorcycle Hand Armor:

Motorcycle hand armor is a protective gear that is fitted to the rider’s palm and fingers. It helps to prevent injury from road rash, burns from hot parts of the bike, and abrasion from contact with riding surfaces.

According to research, one of the most popular materials for motorcycle hand armor is leather, which provides a good grip while being less restrictive than other materials. Another popular material for motorcycle hand gloves is Kevlar, which provides great protection but may not provide a good grip on a surface because it is too stiff.

The Importance of CE Certification for Motorcycle Armor Under Clothes

CE certification is important because it ensures that the product is safe to use. It guarantees that the product is compliant with European Union (EU) legislation and safety requirements.

It is an essential requirement for many products sold in the European Economic Area (EEA). The purpose of CE marking is to inform consumers about the product’s conformity with EU legislation and safety requirements. For example, CE marking on a motorcycle’s body means that it meets mandatory safety requirements for all EEA countries.

CE certification is required for all types of motorcycle armor clothing including jackets, trousers, shirts, trousers, boots and gloves to be sold in the EU. The CE mark must be visible at all times to ensure that consumers can see it at a glance.

If you want to know how much protection your motorcycle armor under clothes give, you need to know the CE level.

CE level 1 for motorcycle armor under clothes

CE Level 1 protection is the highest level in Europe, and in the US it is known as Type A-2. CE level 1 armor protects the rider from impacts at 18kN(kilonewtons) forces. It means, if your motorcycle armor is CE level 1 approved, it should be able to withstand a direct impact from an 18kN force without any damage to the armor itself.

CE level 2 for motorcycle armor under clothes

CE level 2 armors are more lightweight as compared to level one. While CE level 1 is prepared for 18kN, level 2 protects the rider under 9 kN. As it is lightweight, it is mostly used in racing or in sports. Now these days level 2 motorcycle armor under clothes are made with more safety features.

Wearing Motorcycle Armor Under Clothes To Stay Safe Is Not Enough

No doubt, motorcycle riders should always wear a helmet and motorcycle armor under clothes. But even this is not enough to keep them safe on the road. It’s important to note that these armors are not tested for extreme conditions like heat or falls from higher ground.

Safe driving is not only about wearing the appropriate protective gears. Only wearing motorcycle safety gears is not enough to protect riders against injury or death in case of an accident or collision. We should always follow traffic laws, wear high quality helmets, wear proper motorcycle apparel, follow speed limits etc to avoid careless driving.

We should never drink alcohol before driving a motorcycle. It will only make the situation worse because alcohol impairs reaction time and reduces mental sharpness which may lead to accidents.

It simply means, motorcycle armor under clothes are of course important but you must be care about your driving style. A NCBI report says that you should never rely only on protective armors or motorcycle armor under clothes for injury prevention.


Motorcycle armor under clothes are an important part of motorcycle safety. They provide protection in case of an accident or if the rider falls down. Many people are unaware that wearing motorcycle armor under clothes is nothing new and has been around for decades. Having said that, it is equally important that you should select armors carefully. They should be selected according to weight, size and quality so that they are comfortable for the rider.

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