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Hey, there! First of all be relaxed. You are not the only one who is pondering over helmet too small fix. To every problem there is a solution. We will try to solve it. We know, you bought a new helmet and it doesn’t fit right. Maybe your head is too big for the size of the helmet or maybe your cheeks are pushing against the sides. Either way, it can be frustrating not being able to find a comfortable fit with a new piece of gear. Helmet too tight is really a nuisance but it can be get rid of.

It’s not uncommon for the helmet to be too big or too small. In your case, if your helmet is either too big or too small, you should work out on some steps to fix the problem. One option is to purchase a new helmet that fits better. Another option is to make adjustments on your current one.

Reasons Behind Feeling Helmet Too Small and Solution to Fix

Helmets are a necessity for all motorcyclists. However, if you find that your helmet is too tight, here are some reasons why your helmet is not fitting properly.

a) You have chosen the wrong size

The problem, a helmet too small is really irritating. But instead of getting angry with the helmet, the first thing you should do is check the sizing charts for that specific model. If the size chart says you’re in the right range for the helmet size, then it’s likely that there are other factors at play. And that makes you find helmet too small fix solution.

b) Your head size is slightly bigger than the standard size

There are many people whose heads are over-sized. Of course, this is a common and natural thing. Problem occurs when we try to find exact size number of motorcycle helmet for big heads. When you get one and try, you find this motorcycle helmet hard to take off because the helmet is too tight.

c) There is no exact size helmet available in the market and you are helpless to buy nearest size

Even when your head size is not too big or too small, there is a situation when you are unable to find exact size number for your head. In helplessness you have to get one which you find very close to your size. After trying it, you start thinking- is my helmet too small? Or, why does my helmet look so big?

d) The chin strap is not adjusted properly and it’s pressing against your throat or neck.

This is also one of the reason why your helmet does not fit properly. This seems a simple cause for the issue but many time riders could not point out it. If the chin strap is put on properly with the right manner without loosening the strap, your helmet may not fit properly on your head.

e) Cheek foams are too thick and tight

This is one of the most common problem among motorcycle riders who then find for helmet too small fix queries. These cheeks are sometimes overly thick. So thick that once you put on the motorcycle helmet it is hard to take off.

Helmet Too Small Fix- The Tricks You Can Try

helmet too small

After pondering over the reasons, let’s move towards the solutions. These helmet too small fix-tricks depends on what type of problem you are facing. After searching a lot and doing some experiments, we find some solutions to fix this problem.

A) Loosening the straps on the back

If your helmet is too small, there are a few things you can do to ensure it fits better. First, try loosening the straps on the back so that it can fit around your head more easily. Sometimes, simply adjusting the length of the straps will make a big difference in how comfortable you feel on your motorcycle. You should also try rotating the strap to a different position. This might make it feel more comfortable against one of your pressure points.

B) Get new thin cheek pads

The cheek pads are often too thick and they squeeze your head and make it difficult to get on and off. You should consider making adjustments to your cheek pads if they are causing your head to be compressed inside the helmet. There are different types of thin pads that can be purchased and installed in order to help with this issue.

C) Trimming or removing the extra padding

If your helmet is just a little bit off and it doesn’t fit properly around your head, then you may be able to fix the problem by adjusting the cheek pads. The cheek pads are often removable and they can be trimmed down until they fit snugly against your face without any excess space in between them.

In simple words, problem of a helmet being too tight can be solved by making the cheek pads thinner. The pads are usually made from some type of foam. You can cut the foam to make it thinner. Take out the cheek pads. Use a knife or scissors to trim off some of the foam. There are many videos on how to make helmet cheek pads thinner. Better you watch them first if you are not this much confident.

There is also extra padding in some helmets. You can easily remove this padding to create more space.

Warning: In an extreme case you should trim the liner. It may decrease the protection power of the helmet. It may not absorb the impact as effectively as it might be before you trim it.

D) Compressing the pads or liner by heating

In this method, first put on the helmet and recognize the area or part of the helmet where you have fitting problem. Take off the helmet and keep it upside down. Afterwards, put a wet cotton piece of cloth on the marked part of the pad or liner and press it with iron or heating gun until it get compressed. Make sure that you don’t burn any part of the helmet if you are using iron. This one i.e. helmet too small fix trick must be done very carefully.

E) Inflating football or volleyball inside the helmet

It may seem weird but in some cases it works for helmet too small fix. In this method, bring a football and first deflate it. Put the deflated ball inside the helmet and then inflate it. Keep the helmet in this position at least for twelve hours or more. It will compress the foam naturally resulting in increasing the inside size of the helmet.

F) Get a new motorcycle helmet that fits better

It is hard to digest but speaking straightforwardly, it is absolutely practical. If you have tried everything and your helmet still feels tight on your head, then you may need a new size. It is essential that the helmet has proper fitting on your head so that it will provide protection in case of an accident. Experts says the same thing about the helmet fitting. Your life is the most imortant factor and nothing else. You may spend extra money for this but it worths.

Q n A Regarding Helmet Too Small Fix

What happens if your helmet is too small?

If your motorcycle helmet is too small, then you are likely to experience a lot of pain in pressure points and have an uncomfortable experience. You may get a headache, and it might lead to nausea. This is very unpleasant experience and half of your attention is on the helmet while you are driving. This may lead to an accident. Also the motorcycle helmet is hard to take off when helmet is too small. So it is always better to find helmet too small fix as early as possible.

How can I make my helmet bigger?

This is a common question that people ask when stuck with a new helmet. There are various methods to make your helmet bigger. We already discussed much about this in this article. Best way is to remove extra padding so that you have more space that will help you to snug fit. Trimming the pads and inflating the football inside the helmet can also work.

Do helmets loosen over time?

Yes, Definitely. Helmets are designed with a snug fit that may feel uncomfortable at first, but they should stop hurting after a few weeks of wearing them. If your helmet is too small, You should wait for couple of day before doing anything to enlarge it. During this period, it can lead to chronic headaches and pain in pressure points. If you wish to avoid the pain you may follow the trick of inflating football inside the helmet.

Should a helmet be snug?

A motorcycle helmet should be snug. It must not be much tight, as it can lead to hurting the ears and pain on pressure points. There should be no movement of the helmet while you are driving. A properly fitted helmet will not slide or move and will remain in one position without giving headache or neck pain in long rides. As you know, the right fit of a motorcycle helmet is crucial to minimize the risk of injury or even death while riding a motorcycle. A proper fitting helmet not only provides excellent protection but also reduces the chance of getting any head injuries while riding.

Motorcycle helmets for passengers who sit behind you, should have equally rightly fitting.

Final Words

These tricks for helmet too small fix work in many cases. Resizing and customizing the padding is a simple task. This may save your trouble and money. But they may not effective in some helmets. It is totally depend on the severity of the issue, brand of the motorcycle helmet and how carefully you implement the tricks. In our experiments for this issue we successfully solved the problem of small helmet size. Having said that it will be boasting to say that all our cases were successful. After all it is on try and error method. But yes, we did it and you can also if you wish.

Disclaimer: Though all the tricks that are mentioned in this article for helmet too small fix are tested by us, we will not be responsible for any damage that may occur in the process. It is totally your will and choice to follow the tricks.

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