11 Best Helmet for Triumph Bonneville in 2023

Riding a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle is an exciting and liberating experience, but it comes with certain risks. To tackle these risks you need a helmet of the same strength of Triumph. It’s true! However, not every helmet suits this motorcycle. So, as a careful and stylish rider, you need such a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle helmet that has excellent protection power and modern-vintage mixed style too.

Therefore, to help you find the best helmet for Triumph Bonneville, our experts have compiled a list of the finest helmets on the market. We know, there are so many helmet options for Bonneville T100 or T120 but very few helmets can match the retro style and strength of Triumph. In this scenario, our list will never disappoint you. No worries! We know that your safety is more important than your style.

Best Helmet for Triumph Bonneville : Top 11 Picks

1) TORC Unisex-Adult T11524 Retro helmet

TORC Unisex-Adult T11524 retro motorcycle helmet

TORC Unisex-Adult T11524 Retro is the best helmet for Triumph Bonneville because it combines vintage-inspired style with modern safety features. This retro helmet is not only stylish but also a functional helmet. It is DOT and ECE certified, so fits perfectly as the Triumph motorcycle helmet!

The helmet has a fiberglass tricomposite shell that is strong, durable and lightweight. With its multi-density EPS it is able to absorb maximum impact to protect head in accident. It has a faux suede liner that gives it a luxurious feel. The helmet offers the anti-fog and anti-scratch face shield that gives a clear and distortion free view in any weather conditions.

This Triumph Bonneville motorcycle helmet has the ultra-plush interior liner to give you premium comfort and best fitment. It has four adjustable intake air vents, two on the top and two on the chin bar that allows fresh air flow inside helmet and four rear vents take hot air out. In this way the helmet offers the perfect ventilation. It also has a unique water drain system for visor in case you drive in rainy season.


  • Retro design for Triumph Bonneville
  • Protection of Fiberglass Tri-Composite
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • DOT and ECE approval


  • Limited color options
  • Sizing problem if not select properly

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2. BELL Bullitt Helmet

BELL Bullitt triumph bonneville motorcycle helmet

The BELL Bullitt is another one of the best helmets for Triumph Bonneville with a modern capacities. The design of this helmet is a head-turner and its safety features gives you the total satisfaction. The Bullitt also features a removable and washable interior, ensuring a clean and fresh helmet every time you hit the road. The BELL Bullitt is a stylish and practical choice for Triumph Bonneville riders.

The BELL Bullitt is constructed with a low-profile fiberglass composite shell that offers excellent impact protection. The helmet has a multi-density EPS liner that helps absorb shock. It also offers a removable and washable anti-bacterial interior. The Bullitt features a large face shield that provides excellent visibility. It also has a convenient front chin vent with an internal airflow channel to keep you cool on hot days.

This classic retro helmet has DOT approval and meets the FMVSS 218 safety standard. As a Bonneville T100 or T120 ride one thing you must keep in mind that style is a secondary thing, first comes head protection. So, if you want triumph motorcycle helmets for better performance, BELL Bullitt is an excellent choice.


  • Made of Strong Fiberglass Composit shell
  • Comfortable interior
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Best protection from impact
  • DOT approved


  • May be not affordable for some people
  • Wind noise at very high speed

3. Biltwell Gringo S ECE DOT Helmet

Biltwell Gringo best helmet for Triumph Bonneville

Biltwell Gringo is a retro-inspired helmet that offers modern protection. Gringo’s classic design and multiple color options make it a favorite among riders who value style as much as safety. The helmet features an injection-molded ABS outer shell that is both lightweight and durable, and its hand-sewn brushed Lycra liner adds a touch of luxury to your ride. The timeless design and top-notch protection of the helmet makes it an excellent helmet for Triumph Bonneville riders.

This helmet is designed with safety in mind. It features a shock-absorbing EPS liner that provides excellent impact protection, and its chin strap is reinforced with a D-ring closure for added security. The Gringo also has a removable and washable inner liner. So, you can keep the helmet always clean and fresh.

The helmet is both ECE and DOT approved and meets R22.05 and FMVSS 218 standards respectively. So, if you are longing for vintage style and safety it is the best helmet for Triumph Bonneville.


  • Strong and robust ABS shell
  • Excellent comfort
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch face shield
  • Three piece EPS impact protection
  • Both ECE and DOT approval


  • Scope of improvement in ventilation
  • May not be suitable for long journey for some riders

4. Shoei J-Cruise II

Shoei J-Cruise II best triumph open face helmet

If you are a claustrophobic and like open face helmets then consider Shoei J-Cruise II as the best helmet for Triumph Bonneville. The superior design and construction as well as removable and washable interior are the qualities to consider it to be your best companion for your Triumph Bonneville.

Shoei J-Cruise II is designed with Advanced Integrated Matrix fiberglass shell for keeping safety as top priority. The helmet features a multi-density EPS liner that helps absorb impact, and its wider eye port provides excellent visibility. Its aerodynamic design reduces wind noise and that provides relief to your ears. Being said that, as an open face helmet one can not say that it is totally silent.

As I mentioned before some motorists are claustrophobic and they avoid full face helmets. For them premium open face helmets like Shoei J-Cruise II are boon companions for protection. Therefore, some Triumph lovers consider it as the best helmet for Speed Twin and some as an excellent triumph open face helmet.


  • High quality AIM fiberglass shell construction
  • Multi-density EPS protection
  • Super comfort quality
  • Space for communication system
  • DOT FMVSS 218


  • Face-shield may be bulky for some riders
  • High price range

5. HJC v60: Best Helmet for Triumph Bonneville Riders

HJC v60 best helmet for triumph bonneville1

HJC v60 is a modern take on a classic helmet design. This helmet is perfect for riders who appreciate the aesthetics of the past but still want modern features and protection. It features a sleek and aerodynamic shell that reduces wind noise and drag, and its plush interior provides both comfort and style. The helmet is available in several colors and finishes, making it easy to match to your Triumph Bonneville perfectly.

HJC v60 is wisely designed keeping safety in mind. It features advanced fiberglass composite shell that is both lightweight and strong, and its EPS liner is designed to absorb impact energy. It also has a chin strap that is reinforced with a D-ring closure for added security. The helmet’s interior is fully removable and washable so that you can maintain its cleanliness intact.

The special thing about this helmet is its peak visor. It also also has retractable inner visor. These visors are perfect for riders who want to ride in style while protecting their eyes from the sun. The modern design mixed with retro style and premium protection makes HJC v60 is a prime choice for Triumph Bonneville riders.


  • Unique and innovative retro shell design
  • Absolute true as best helmet for Triumph Bonneville
  • Strength of fiberglass
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Speaker pockets for communication system
  • DOT approval


  • Need of improvement in ventilation
  • Peak visor can cause drag

6. AGV X3000: For Triumph Bonneville motorcycle helmet

AGV X3000 triumph bonneville motorcycle helmet

AGV X3000 is a vintage-style helmet that offers modern protection and comfort. The helmet’s classic design and high-quality construction make it a popular choice among Triumph Bonneville riders. The X3000 features a fiberglass shell that is both lightweight and strong, and its interior is made of breathable and moisture-wicking materials for added comfort. With its vintage design and superb protection, AGV X3000 is one of the best helmets for Triumph Bonneville riders.

The AGV X3000 is designed with safety as the top priority. The helmet has a multi-layered EPS liner that absorb impact when accident occurs. The X3000 also has a fully removable and washable liner and padding. Because of that it becomes easy to keep the helmet clean and fresh. It has aerodynamic design that makes the helmet silent and easy going.

It has comparatively more size options. It also varies in colors but for that you will have to search for best results. The helmet is DOT and ECE approved so, you get maximum self safety satisfaction. In short, AGV X3000 is a right option amongst retro triumph motorcycle helmets with its classic design and safety qualities.


  • Best retro styled Triumph Bonneville motorcycle helmet
  • Fiberglass composite shell
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Unique dual button visor system
  • DOT and ECE safety certification


  • Ventilation should have been better
  • May create noise if you drive at very high speed

7. Daytona Retro

Daytona retro triumph motorcycle helmets

Looking for a helmet that can match the classic style of your Triumph Bonneville motorcycle? Look no further than the Daytona Retro Full Face Helmet. This helmet is not stylish looking but also provides supreme comfort and protection.

The Daytona Retro Full Face Helmet is made of strong ABS material, which provide maximum protection in case of an accident. Also, the multi-density EPS liner of the helmet plays an important role in absorbing the impact and keep your head safe.

This Triumph Bonneville motorcycle helmet is not only safe but it is comfortable also. The interior is made of moisture-wicking fabric. It not only keeps you dry but also maintains the temperature inside the helmet. You can remove and wash the liner and cheek pads of this helmet to maintain cleanliness.

The Daytona Retro Full Face Helmet also has a stylish design that complements the classic look of your Triumph Bonneville. It has many different colors options. Combined with protection, it has all qualities required for the best helmet for Triumph Bonneville.


  • Advanced ABS outer shell
  • An affordable helmet
  • Lightweight, comfortable and durable
  • Equipped with quick release system
  • DOT safety approval


  • Size proble if choose without measurement
  • Some riders may not like circular styled vent ports

8. Royal H01 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Royal H01 best helmet for triumph bonneville

If you want the best helmet for Triumph Bonneville in a low budget, then this helmet can fulfil your desire. Royal H01 features a durable and aerodynamic shell crafted from premium ABS material. The helmet’s interior is lined with soft and moisture-wicking materials which make the helmet comfortable and free from odor.

The Royal H01 is equipped with multiple ventilation ports that help you to remain cool and dry even in hot climate. This helmet has double D-ring closure for better retention. It also offers an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor for best visibility in different weather conditions.

This Triumph Bonneville motorcycle helmet is DOT certified and meets FMVSS-218 safety standards set by the US Department of Transportation. It is available in three major colors and small to XX large size. So, if you really wish to get an affordable retro style helmet that will suit to your motorcycle, you can consider this helmet.


  • Protective ABS shell
  • Aerodynamic and rich vintage look
  • Comfortable, removable, washable interior
  • Leather liner base
  • Affordable Triumph motorcycle helmet


  • Size issue if order without measurement

9. Bell Broozer Helmet

BELL Broozer best helmet for triumph bonneville

The Bell Broozer Helmet is a versatile option for Triumph Bonneville riders who want a helmet that can adapt to different riding styles. This helmet features a unique design which gives freedom to wear in both full-face and open-face modes. Therefore, it becomes a great choice for Triumph riders who are claustrophobic to full face helmets.

The Bell Broozer is constructed with a lightweight and durable polycarbonate shell, which is designed to provide excellent impact protection. The interior of the helmet is made from moisture-wicking fabric and material so that you remain dry, cool and comfortable throughout the journey. Moreover, its cheek pads are removable and washable for easy maintenance.

This helmet also features an adjustable visor that can be easily removed, making it easy for riders to customize helmet look. Also remove the chin bar and use it as the triumph open face helmet! The chin strap of the helmet is furnished with a quick-release buckle to keep the usage simple and straightforward. Its ventilation system is excellent. It keeps the rider cool and free from fatigue during hot rides.

Overall, the Bell Broozer Helmet is a versatile and reliable option for Triumph Bonneville riders who want a helmet that can adapt to different riding styles. Its unique design, excellent impact protection and customizable features will surely provide a comfortable and safe riding experience.


  • Comparatively affordable helmet
  • Removable chin bar system
  • ABS shell
  • Great comfort and good ventilation
  • Approved by DOT


  • May feel noisy on open face mode
  • Needs improvement for rear vent ports

10.‎NEXX X G100

triumph bonneville motorcycle helmet NEXX X G100

‎NEXX X G100 Helmet is a premium option for Triumph Bonneville riders who want a high-end helmet that is both stylish and safe. This premium helmet features an X-Matrix fiberglass shell which is both lightweight and strong. Its interior is designed with moisture-wicking materials to provide maximum comfort.

This helmet is constructed keeping total safety and protection in mind. Its multi-density EPS liner helps absorb impact and its chin strap is reinforced with a double D-ring closure for more security. The aerodynamic design of the helmet helps to reduce wind noise. It results in making the helmet more quieter even during high speed.

This, the best retro motorcycle helmet also features an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor that provides excellent vision irrespective of odd climate conditions. Talking about the ventilation, I am not so much impressed. However, when we rode with the helmet we didn’t feel any problem with the ventilation. Its paddings are kept removable and washable so that you can keep it neat and clean after every use.

Overall, ‎NEXX X G100 is a premium and stylish option for Triumph Bonneville riders who want a helmet that offers vintage style and full head protection.


  • Good blend of retro and modern look
  • Lightweight yet strong X-Matrix shell
  • Soft comfortable, washable interior
  • Anti-microbial material
  • DOT FMVSS 218 safety approval


  • Expensive motorcycle helmet
  • Vents are limited

11. Shoei RF-1400 Street Helmet

Shoei RF-1400 triumph motorcycle helmet

Shoei RF- 1400 is one of the most popular helmets for strong motorcycles like Triumph on the market. Its aerodynamic and compact design make it comfortable to wear for long periods. The RF-1400 also features a Pinlock anti-fog system, ensuring a clear view of the road ahead. With its sleek design and multiple color options, Shoei RF- 1400 becomes the best helmet for Triumph Bonneville riders who want style and safety.

Shoei RF-1400 is constructed using a Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ shell that is incredibly strong and protective. The helmet also has an Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.) that allows quick and safe removal the helmet in case of an accident. It has a dual-layer EPS liner that provides excellent impact absorption. It also offers removable and washable 3D Max-Dry interior system.

If you want to take your Triumph Bonneville riding experience to the next level, don’t make money as an excuse. Your life is far more important than any retro fashion or money. Go for a premium helmet. And as far as safety and protection is concerned Shoei RF-1400 undoubtedly is the best helmet for Triumph Bonneville.


  • Powerful Matrix AIM+ shell protection
  • Aerodynamic and stylish design
  • Premium comfort level
  • Totally removable and washable padding and interior
  • Face shield with clear and peripheral vision
  • DOT and SNELL M2020D safety approval


  • Comparitively expensive
  • Little bit heavier

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Buying Guide for Best Helmet for Triumph Bonneville

When choosing a helmet for your Triumph Bonneville, there are some cruicial factors that you should consider: There are many retro motorcycle helmets claiming as Triumph motorcycle helmets but you should check every details, specially the following factors.


For powerful motorcycle like Triumph Bonneville you need a powerful protection. Your safety must be true on several parameters. Therefore, your helmet must be certified by the organizations like Snell, DOT or ECE. It is because they test helmets for impact resistance and penetration for real. Also look for motorcycle helmets that should have multi-layered shells and advanced impact absorption systems.


Another care you should take while buying triumph motorcycle helmets is that the helmet should be fit snugly and comfortably. It should have a comfortable interior if possible moisture-wicking. Not only this, the comfortable helmets have adjustable vents and removable chin curtains for more functionality.


Your helmet should match the style of your Triumph Bonneville. Whether you prefer a cheap or an expensive helmet, make sure that they have suitable look for your Triumph. Generally, a robust and retro styled helmet makes it the best helmet for triumph bonneville. You should see that a such helmet is available in different colors and designs so that you should get the perfect helmet for your head.


If possible try to get lightweight helmets because otherwise, you will feel like having a burden on you head and soon you will be tired. A heavy motorcycle helmet can cause neck pain after some period of time. Opposite to it, a lightweight helmet can provide more comfort and reduce fatigue.


Best Triumph Bonneville helmets have face shields that offers a clear and unobstructed view without any distortion or glare. Helmets with wider eye ports or anti-fog coatings improve visibility in different weather conditions.


Wind noise can be a major issue for Triumph Bonneville riders, so find out helmets that are designed to reduce wind noise and drag. Helmets with aerodynamic designs or noise-reducing features can make your driving quieter and headache free.


As a matter of fact, you will get the best helmet for triumph bonneville generally at high price level. It is so, because it is built with premium materials to offer best protection. My advice is, never go for a cheap helmet as they can not protect you sufficiently in the event of accident.


How is Triumph Bonneville motorcycle helmet different from others?

Triumph Bonneville is a retro style motorcycle using modern technology. It deserves a helmet that matches its elegance and quality. Speaking truly, a Triumph Bonneville helmet is not exactly different from others. Yet, it is different because it has a retro design to match the motorcycle style and has strong built to ensure premium safety and comfort.

What should look into triumph bonneville helmet style or safety?

Choosing the best helmet for Triumph Bonneville is a critical decision that requires a balance between style and safety. That is why you should look into both style and safety. Style is necessary because it complements your motorcycle and your personality. Safety is important because it protects your head from impact, wind, insects, noise and debris. That being said, safety should be first preference while choosing any helmet for any motorcycle.

Is Triumph owned by Harley Davidson?

No, Triumph is not owned by Harley Davidson. These are two different companies. Triumph is a British motorcycle brand which was founded on June 30, 1983. It started manufacturing motorcycles in 1902. Talking about Harley Davidson, it is a U.S. based motorcycle manufacturer company which was founded in 1903.

Which helmet is best for highway?

Driving motorcycle on the highway is full of risk. Therefore, your must take proper care while driving. The best care you should take of your head is to wear a helmet that provides maximum protection. A full-face helmet is always the best option for highway. If you are driving on highway every day you can choose from our collection of best motorcycle helmets for daily use.

Is ECE or Snell better?

ECE and Snell are both safety standards that ensure motorcycle helmets offer a high level of protection. ECE is a European safety standard while Snell is a US-based standard. Although both standards aim to offer excellent protection, it is important to understand the differences between the two. The ECE standard focuses on protecting the head from direct impacts, while Snell has additional tests in place for rotational forces. Ultimately, both standards offer ultimate protection, so riders should choose the helmet that meets their requirements.


When you have to choose the best helmet for Triumph Bonneville, you must see that it has not only the retro look but also the powerful protection quality. Other features like comfort, aerodynamic structure, proper ventilation are also important. In this article, we have chosen and discussed some of the most amazing helmets for Triumph Bonneville considering all these important factors. It is just to help you out, if you wish you can choose one of them!

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